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Raise Your Game: How to succeed at work

ISBN: 978-1-906465-53-7
234 pages
October 2009, Capstone
Raise Your Game: How to succeed at work  (1906465533) cover image


The pressure's on…
  • You've just won a big promotion and your new boss has high expectations.
  • You have an important meeting and want to make a constructive impact.
  • You're thinking of restructuring the team and need to show clear leadership.
  • You know you're capable of so much more and need to grasp the opportunity.

Meanwhile, you're drowning in a sea of unanswered email and voicemail… How can you raise your game and achieve your full potential?

Peter Shaw, professional coach and author, shows how combining self-belief with practical action creates the basis for powerful change, helping you step up to the next level. Learn how to identify your strengths, take bold but calculated risks, build your network of supporters, convert your critics, live your values and find fulfilment and joy.

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Table of Contents


Foreword by Suma Chakrabarti.


Section A: Take Stock.

1 Develop your strengths.

2 Understand your least strong areas.

3 Embed your values.

4 Create an equilibrium.

Section B: First Steps.

5 Address your self-doubt and your fears.

6 Believe you can do difficult things.

7 Know who your supporters and stakeholders are.

8 Take some risks.

Section C: Up the Pace.

9 Stretch your muscles.

10 Influence others and convert your critics.

11 Understand how you respond to problems.

12 Warm down thoroughly.

Section D: Grow the Momentum.

13 Keep your focus.

14 Grow your resilience.

15 Build your team.

16 Renew your freshness.

Section E: Where Next?

17 Keep an open mind.

18 Recognise when the tide turns.

19 Know what matters to you.

20 Renew your vision.

Section F: To What End?

21 What is fulfilment for you?

22 How do you want to be remembered?

23 What about family and friends?

24 Where does joy fit in?

Conclusion: Next Steps.

Selected Bibliography.


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