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American Dissenters, Volume 2

James Mooney (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-933385-01-3
160 pages
July 2005, ©2005, Wiley-Blackwell
American Dissenters, Volume 2 (1933385014) cover image


The texts presented in these pages reflect not one kind of dissent but various kinds, some of which, in becoming empowered, might turn against others. Together they express an American society and culture in continuing argument with itself.
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Table of Contents


15. Ida B. Wells-Barnett.

16. Agrarianism.

17. Henry George.

18. Bill Haywood and the IWW.

19. Thorstein Veblen.

20. Emma Goldman.

21. Upton Sinclair.

22. Sinclair Lewis.

23. Martin Luther King, Jr.

24. SDS and the Port Huron Statement.

25. Reflections on Power and Self-Righteousness.

26. The Battle in Seattle.

27. The Arrogance of Ownership.

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Author Information

The late James Mooney was a professor of History at American University.
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