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Vol 45 (52 Issues in 2014)
Print ISSN: 0931-7597 Online ISSN: 1522-2667
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ChemInform Offers...

  • Current awareness through weekly appearance in print and online.
  • Covering some 100 international journals (source list)
  • Selection of the most important and innovative reactions in organic, bioorganic, medicinal, inorganic and organometallic chemistry according to the following criteria:
    • Novel catalysts and reagents
    • New and improved synthetic methods
    • New strategies in natural product synthesis
    • Functional group transformations
    • Use of organo-element compounds
  • Compilation of recent Review articles
  • About 15,000 searchable ChemInform Abstracts per year
  • Unique Features of ChemInform Abstracts:
    1. Pictorial representation for quick and effecient evaluation of the publication
    2. Scope and limitation of the reactions
    3. A tool to design novel synthetic methods
    4. Data extracted from the original publication and supporting information
    5. Conclusions of the original article emphasizing the most important details

Sample abstract:
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ISSN: 0931-7597 (print). 1522-2667 (online).

Volume 45. 52 Issues in 2014.


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How to cite: To make sure that references to this journal are correctly recorded and resolved (for example in CrossRef, PubMed, or ISI Web of Knowledge), please use the following abbreviated title in any citations: "ChemInform" (all one word, no spaces or punctuation).

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