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Mathematical Logic Quarterly

Vol 61 (4 Issues in 2015)
Editor: Benedikt Löwe, Klaus Meer, H. Dugald MacPherson (Managing Editors)
Print ISSN: 0942-5616 Online ISSN: 1521-3870
Mathematical Logic Quarterly (2256) cover image

Mathematical Logic Quarterly publishes original contributions on mathematical logic and foundations of mathematics and related areas, such as general logic, model theory, recursion theory, set theory, proof theory and constructive mathematics, algebraic logic, nonstandard models, and logical aspects of theoretical computer science.

– A Journal for Mathematical Logic, Foundations of Mathematics, and Logical Aspects of Theoretical Computer Science

ISSN: 0942-5616 (print). 1521-3870 (online).

Volume 61. 6 Issues in 2015.

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