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Der Turm und Brücke: Die neue Kunst des Ingenieurbaus

ISBN: 978-3-433-60396-3
298 pages
January 2014
Der Turm und Brücke: Die neue Kunst des Ingenieurbaus (3433603960) cover image


Long recognised as a classic in the USA, "The Tower and the Bridge" is now at last available in German translation. In his preface to the German edition, Jörg Schlaich writes. "This book is essential reading and a pleasure for the "structural engineering artist", in whose structures the connection between form and force flow is visible and which are distinguished by the ideals of efficiency, cost-effectiveness and elegance."
Billington founded with this book structural art as a new, independent art form, which he considers equivalent to architecture. It is no coincidence that the title states the two classic domains of the structural engineer; in this case Billington is referring to two outstanding structures of the epoch, the Eiffel Tower and the Brooklyn Bridge.
Billington describes in an easily readable style and in an entertaining manner the ideals, principles and methods of structural art during its historical development through examples of structures from outstanding engineers (e.g. Telford, Maillart, Freyssinet, Menn).
With the establishment of structural art as an art form and the explication of its inherent principles, Billington gives the reader well founded arguments for the aesthetic discussion of engineering structures. This also provides a basis for criticism of the new art form; for the criticism of construction that has long been demanded. This timeless book thus has the potential to give a new impulse to the debate about construction culture and particularly the aesthetic aspects of structural engineering in German-speaking countries.
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Table of Contents

1. Kunst im Ingenieurbau
2. Thomas Telford und die neue Kunstform
3. Brunel, Stephenson und Eisenbahnbrücken
4. Gustave Eiffels Sichelbögen
5. John Roeblings Hängebrücke
6. Die Brücke und der Turm
7. Jenney, Root und die erste Chicagoer Schule
8. Große Stahlbrücken von Eads bis Ammann
9. Robert Maillarts neue Stahlbetonformen
10. Schalen: Dischinger, Finsterwalder, Nervi, Candela
11. Die wegweisende Idee von Eugene Freyssinet
12. Disziplin und Spielerei: Neue Betonschalen
13. Neue Türme, neue Brücken
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Author Information

David P. Billington ist em. Professor für Bauingenieurwesen an der Universität Princeton, New Jersey, USA.
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