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World Records in Chemistry

ISBN: 978-3-527-29574-6
377 pages
March 1999
World Records in Chemistry (3527295747) cover image


What is the sweetest compound? Where is the largest chemical plant? To what extent can chemical bonds be bent? How many tons of fertilizer are being produced worldwide? The answers to these questions and many others can be found in this well written informative kaleidoscope of top performances in chemistry.The excellent mixture of superlatives from research and industry makes the book very difficult to put down and will help chemical laymen as well as experts to gain a better insight into the wonders of chemistry, its immense efficiency, and significance for our day-to-day life.

"... this is a marvelous book... A focus on records ... is actually a wonderful way to engage the interest of the chemistry student and professional, and of the general public."
Roald Hoffmann, Nobel Prize Winner

"This isn't a textbook, and it isn't a novel. Instead it is a source book for all chemists, giving us ideas we can use in teaching and in presentations, and it is also a book that should fascinate young students who want a feeling for the chemical world. Finally, ... it should serve as an inspiration to Beat That Record.?"
Ron Breslow, Former President of the American Chemical Society
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Table of Contents

Atoms and Molecules
Chemical Industry
Chemical Products
Crop Protection
Environmental Protection
Famous Mistakes
Molecular Shape
Nobel prizes
Pigments and Dyes
Plastics and Fibers
Reactive Intermediates
Raw Materials
Appendices: Nobel Price Winners in Chemistry, Physics and Medicine
Ever-lasting Calendar of Chemistry (find out what happened in Chemistry on your birthday...)
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Have you ever wondered what the smelliest chemical might be? Or what the strongest acid is? Or the sweetest chemical subsctance ever made? A reliable guidebook answering such questions and indeed presenting us with all manner of superlatives and world records in chemistry would clearly be a useful resource. ... Because the range of topics covered by the book is so broad and fascinating, I think all chemists will enjoy reading it. It would certainly make a very acceptable gift to any aspiring or established chemist and could well come in handy for those seeking anecdotal or amusing metrial for lecturers or other presentations. This is one of the few works that can be said to deserve a place in every chemical library.
(Chemistry in Britain)

"This is an indispensable book, full of entertaining entries, and with an invaluable perpetual calendar at the end, where there is at least one 'chemical' entry for every day of the year. ... It is excellent to dip into, and entertaining written so that one thing leads to another. The reader is thus drawn in to all sorts of recondite matters, and everyone is bound to learn something." AMBIX

World Records in Chemistry is a profoundly frivolous ides, which has been turned into a fascinating and highly entertaining book.
(Dr. Andrea Sella)

World Records in Chemistry is a profoundly frivolous idea, which has been turned into a fascinating and highly entertaining book.
(Dr. Andrea Sella)

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