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Bioorganic Chemistry: Highlights and New Aspects

ISBN: 978-3-527-29665-1
456 pages
December 1999
Bioorganic Chemistry: Highlights and New Aspects (3527296654) cover image
The understanding of (patho)physiological processes - the biosynthesis of biomolecules such as enzymes, nucleic acids, and secondary metabolites; the pathways of signaltransduction; or the function of pharmaceutical agents - is of increasing importance not only for drug research but also for the development of new synthetic methods in organic chemistry and biochemistry. In a truly interdisciplinary way bioorganic chemistry unites the central questions of biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, and spectroscopy.
This book fills a void in this rapidly growing field of chemistry and gives a thorough yet understandable introduction for advanced students and researchers alike. Contributions of more than sixty scientists provide a topical overview of recent advances in: drug development based on natural products; the biosynthesis, activity, and application of enzymes; carbohydrates; peptides; nucleic acids; analytical methods in bioorganic chemistry.
This book will be an appetizer for all - students and researchers alike - seeking orientation in this fascinating field of chemistry.
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Marine Alkaloids
Leukotriene Derivates
Diazoketones for the Synthesis of Beta-Lactams
Selenium Compounds in Biochemical Oxidations
Galaktophingolipid, etc
Enzyme Catalyzed Diels-Alder Reactions
Enzymatic Halogenation in Bacteria
Biotransformations in the Stereoselective Synthesis of Cyclophanes, etc
Mannosid Clusters
Glycoconjugates in Cancer Therapy, etc
Synthetic Adrenaline and Peptide Receptors
Substituted and Beta-Amino Acids as Building Blocks for Peptide Mimetics
Carbohydrate-Protein Interactions, etc.
Reparing Dna
In Vitro Selection
Studies on Hairpin Ribozymes
New Pna Buiding Block for Antisense Research, etc.
Activity of Neuropeptide Y
Oligosaccharide Antibiotics
Biosynthesis of Plant Xanthones
Manipulating Intracellular Signal Transductions
Methyl-Transfer Reactions, etc.
Constitutional Assignment of Marine Natural Products
Radical Induced Reactions in Biological Systems
Multivariate Analysis of Biotransformations, etc.
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