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Multiphase Homogeneous Catalysis, 2 Volumes

ISBN: 978-3-527-30721-0
905 pages
October 2005
Multiphase Homogeneous Catalysis, 2 Volumes (3527307214) cover image


This long-awaited two-volume handbook is the one-stop reference for everybody working in the field of multiphase catalysis. Covering academic and industrial applications, it will set the standard for future developments.
All editors are top scientists with an industrial or academic background, and have put together an international team to present every facet of this fascinating methodology -- including aqueous phase catalysis, ionic liquids, flourous phase chemistry, supercritical solvents and catalysis with polymer bound ligands -- in a compact and competent manner.
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Table of Contents

Introduction to Multiphase Catalysis
Aqueous-Phase Catalysis
Organic/Organic Biphasic Catalysis
Fluorous Catalysis
Catalysis in Nonaqueous Ionic Liquids
Catalysis using Supercritical Solvents
Soluble Polymer-Bound Catalysis
Multiphase Processes as the Future of Homogeneous Catalysis
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Author Information

Boy Cornils has worked at the former Hoechst AG in Germany, where he was the director of the reasearch. He is the editor of several bestselling titles.

Wolfgang A. Herrmann is president of the Technical University of Munich and has received several awards for his work in organometallic chemistry, like the Otto-Bayer Medal, the ACS Award in Organometallic Chemistry, the Werner-Heisenberg Medal of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation and many more. He has authored a plethora of publications and is the editor of numerous bestselling books.

Istvan Horvath is Professor at the Eötvös Universitiy in Budapest. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the "Encyclopedia of Catalysis" and has chaired many meetings and symposia in the areas of green chemistry and catalysis.

Walter Leitner holds the chair of Technical Chemistry and Petrochemistry at RWTH Aachen (successor to Prof. Keim). In November 2003 he became external scientific member of the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung.

Stefan Mecking was research associate at the Freiburg Materials Research Center and Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg. Since March 2004 he is full professor at Konstanz University, Chair of Chemical Materials Science. He has received the BASF Catalysis Award and the Otto-Roelen-Medaille.

H. Olivier-Bourbigou is research associate at the Ecole du Petrole et du Moteurs and her research interest are ionic liquids and green chemistry.

Dieter Vogt is full professor in inorganic chemistry and catalysis. He received his Ph.D. from Aachen University of Technology in 1992 with prof. W. Keim as supervisor. He did his Habilitation at the Institute of Industrial Chemistry and Petrochemistry of the RWTH Aachen. End of 1998 he was appointed as full professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Coordination Chemistry at Eindhoven University of Technology. His main research interest are in the field of homogeneous catalysis, catalyst recycling and new materials for application in catalysis.
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"Readers who are interested in finding out about recent developments in the field of homogeneous catalysis will find a wealth of information here. In view of the unique underlying concept...and the high quality of the descriptions, it can be strongly recommended for everyone interested in the subject." Angewandte Chemie IE

"... I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these two volumes, and they will be a welcome addition to my bookshelf." Journal of the American Chemical Society

"...this book covers a wide swath of homogeneous catalysis in which investigators have used multiphasic approaches for catalyst separation and/or recycle. It will be a valuable resource for practitioners in the field, students interested in catalysis, and for teachers of catalysis chemistry and engineering in addition to being a necessity for science libraries."
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis
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