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Organic Electronics: Materials, Manufacturing, and Applications

Hagen Klauk (Editor)
ISBN: 978-3-527-31264-1
446 pages
July 2006
Organic Electronics: Materials, Manufacturing, and Applications (3527312641) cover image


Edited and written by the leading researchers and engineers from such companies as Philips, 3M, Xerox, Infineon, PlasticLogic, Eastman Kodak, Dupont, AIXTRON, and Hueck Folien, this book presents unrivalled and undiluted expertise from those who know best how to assess the risks, opportunities and where this technology is really heading.
As such, this practical approach complements the more scientific and fundamentals-oriented literature on the market by providing readers with a first-hand insight into industrial activities to commercialize organic electronics. Following an introduction to the topic, including the history, motivation, benefits and potentials, it reviews recent advances and covers all three important facets of organic electronics: the chemical compounds and materials, manufacturing techniques, and the resulting devices together with their current applications.
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Table of Contents

Organic Transistors
High-Performance Pentacene Transistors
Engineered Pentacenes
Organic Semiconductors Based on Polythiophene and Indolo[3,2-b]carbazole
Electrical and Environmental Stability of Polymer Thin-film Transistors
Gate Dielectrics
Advanced Flexible Polymeric Substrates
Reel-to-Reel Vacuum Metallization
Organic Vapor Phase Deposition for Organic Electronics
Thermal Imaging and Micro-contact Printing
Thin-film Transistor Fabrication by Digital Lithography
Manufacturing of Organic Transistor Circuits by Solution-based Printing
From Transistors to Large-Scale Integrated Circuits
Roll-Up Active-matrix displays
Active-matrix Light Emitting Displays
Large-Area Detectors and Sensors
Organic Semiconductor-based Chemical Sensors
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Author Information

Hagen Klauk received his PhD in electrical engineering from The Pennsylvania State University in 1999, receiving the Xerox Research Award for his doctorate on organic thin film transistors. In 2000 he joined Infineon Technologies in Erlangen, Germany and since 2005 he has been a research group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart, Germany, where he is investigating a wide range of novel organic device concepts. Dr. Klauk has 60 publications and 8 patents to his name.
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"In summary, the authors can be congratulated for having written well-focussed chapters of very high quality, and the editor can be congratulated for the broad yet strategic selection of topics and authors for this book. It is this quality of the individual contributions and the useful selection which make this book not only a good starting lesson on the subject of organic semiconductors, but also a book of reference for the expert in the field." ChemPhysChem

"This book is well structured, and the individual chapters have been written by leading scientists in each area. The editor has coordinated the large amount of information effectively. I really appreciate the good balance between introductory and advanced topics, between scientific and technological /applications issues, and between materials and device structure/applications...this excellent book should be brought to the attention of graduate students as well as industrial and academic researchers interested in organic electronics. It will also provide stimulating ideas for open-minded chemists, physicists, material scientists, and electrical engineers seeking new opportunities in this exciting R & D area. Do not miss it!" Angewandte Chemie und Angewandte I. E.

"...provides a timely overview of the current state of the art in OTFT materials, manufacturing, and applications. This text will make an excellent addition to any library and provides a great introduction point for scientists and engineers looking to familiarize themselves with the field of OTFTs, while also providing a wealth of details for experts seeking a quick reference guide to aid in their own technology development." Advanced Materials
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