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Fundamentals of Ionizing Radiation Dosimetry: Solutions to the Exercises

ISBN: 978-3-527-34352-2
184 pages
October 2017
Fundamentals of Ionizing Radiation Dosimetry: Solutions to the Exercises (3527343520) cover image


Fosters a thorough understand of radiation dosimetry concepts: detailed solutions to the exercises in the textbook "Fundamentals of Ionizing Radiation Dosimetry"!
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Table of Contents

Preface vii

1 Background and Essentials 1

2 Charged Particle Interactions 5

3 Uncharged Particle Interactions with Matter 23

4 Field and Dosimetric Quantities and Radiation Equilibrium: Definitions and Interrelations 35

5 Elementary Aspects of the Attenuation of Uncharged Particles through Matter 47

6 Macroscopic Aspects of the Transport of Radiation through Matter 53

Implementation 54

Normalization of Results 55

7 Characterization of Radiation Quality 57

8 The Monte Carlo Simulation of the Transport of Radiation through Matter 69

9 Cavity Theory 85

10 Overview of Radiation Detectors andMeasurements 93

11 Primary Radiation Standards 99

12 Ionization Chambers 109

13 Chemical Dosimeters 117

14 Solid-State Dosimeters 123

15 Reference Dosimetry for External Beam Radiation Therapy 129

16 Dosimetry of Small and Composite Radiotherapy Photon Beams 143

17 Reference Dosimetry for Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology 145

18 Absorbed-Dose Determination for Radionuclides 153

19 Neutron Dosimetry 169

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Author Information

The four authors continuing the pioneering work of Frank Attix, Prof Pedro Andreo (Karolinska, Stockholm), Dr David T. Burns (BIPM, Paris), Prof Alan E. Nahum (University of Liverpool) and Prof Jan Seuntjens (McGill University, Montreal), are leading scientists in radiation dosimetry, having published between them more than 600 papers in the field. They have co-authored most of the existing national and international recommendations for radiotherapy dosimetry and received a number of international awards for their contributions.
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by Pedro Andreo, David T. Burns, Alan E. Nahum, Jan Seuntjens
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