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Plasma Cathode Electron Sources: Physics, Technology, Applications

ISBN: 978-3-527-40634-0
181 pages
October 2006
Plasma Cathode Electron Sources: Physics, Technology, Applications (3527406344) cover image


This book fills the gap for a textbook describing this kind of electron beam source in a systematic and thorough manner: from physical processes of electron emission to examples of real plasma electron sources and their applications.
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Table of Contents

1 Low-Pressure Discharges for Plasma Electron Sources
2 Electron Emission from Plasma
3 Plasma Sources for Axially Symmetric Electron Beams
4 Generation of Large-Cross-Section Beams in Plasma-Cathode Systems
5 Some Applications of Plasma-Cathode Electron Sources
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Author Information

Efim Oks is head scientist of the Plasma Sources Department at the High Current Electronics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia. His work focuses on the twin areas of plasma cathode electron beam sources and vacuum arc ion beam sources and was awarded prestigiously. Professor Oks has established numerous collaborative scientific research programs with researchers in the United States and Europe. He thus has become a significant international plasma physicist, having authored numerous papers in international journals.
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"It is an up-to-date review and summary of this important subfield of applied plasma physics" (Metall, February 2008)
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