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Gauge Field Theories, 3rd Edition

ISBN: 978-3-527-40835-1
353 pages
September 2008
Gauge Field Theories, 3rd Edition (3527408355) cover image


The first edition of this necessary reading for cosmologists and particle astrophysicists was quickly adopted by universities and other institutions of higher learning around the world. And with the data and references updated throughout, this third edition continues to be an ideal reference on the subject. The tried-and-tested logical structuring of the material on gauge invariance, quantization, and renormalization has been retained, while the chapters on electroweak interactions and model building have been revised. Completely new is the chapter on conformality. As in the past, Frampton emphasizes formalism rather than experiments and provides sufficient detail for readers wishing to do their own calculations or pursue theoretical physics research.
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Table of Contents

Gauge Invariance
Electroweak Forces
Renormalization Group
Quantum Chromodynamics
Model Building
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Author Information

Paul H. Frampton is distinguished professor of physics at the University of North Carolina. After he received his D.Phil degree from the University of Oxford, UK, he conducted research at various institutions, among them Harvard University, UCLA and CERN (Geneva, Switzerland). His research focuses on theoretical high energy physics and cosmology; among his topics are inflation, dark matter and dark energy, String Theory, and physics beyond the standard model. Professor Frampton has authored more than 375 papers and has lectured on physics in 30 countries.
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New to This Edition

* revisions of the chapters on electroweak interactions and model building
* throughout update of data and references
* completely new chapter on conformality
* more than 25% changed or all new content
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"Completely updated, this third edition continues to be an ideal reference." (Fiz Karlsruhe, December 2008)
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