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The Interaction Between Earth's Rotation and Geophysical Processes

ISBN: 978-3-527-40875-7
317 pages
November 2009
The Interaction Between Earth


Filling an important gap in the geophysical literature at specialist level, this monograph is the only up-to-date title to provide a link between the Earth's rotation and its atmo- and hydrosphere, including the ice masses.
Starting with the Earth's motions, the text goes on to look at irregularities and the effect of atmospheric processes on the Earth's spin. Tides and seasons occupy the following sections before a discussion of the Earth-ocean-atmosphere system and the mechanical action of the atmosphere on the Earth's rotation. The whole is rounded off by an index of abbreviations and appendices with sections on related physics for better readability, plus a comprehensive bibliography for further reading.
A must for geophysicists, oceanographers, glaciologists, climatologists and meteorologists alike.
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Table of Contents

1.Motions of the Earth
2.Pole's motion and irregularities in the Earth's rotation rate
3.Estimation theory of the effect of atmospheric processes on the Earth's spin
4.Tides and rotation of the Earth
5.Seasonal distribution of the air masses and the Earth's spin
6.Angular momentum of atmospheric winds
7.Nature of the zonal circulation of the atmosphere
8.Interannual oscillations of the Earth-ocean-atmosphere system
9.Mechanical action of the atmosphere on the Earth's rotation
10.Decadal fluctuations in geophysical processes
List of Abbreviations
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Author Information

Professor Nikolay S. Sidorenkov is the head of the Global Atmospheric Circulation Lab of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center. Before aussuming this post, he has held research positions at various Astronomical institutions. More than 180 papers give proof of his research experience.
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"The book can be recommended for experienced researches and Ph.D. students in Earth sciences." (Pure and Applied Geophysics, 2011)


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