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Diffusion-controlled Solid State Reactions: In Alloys, Thin Films and Nanosystems

Diffusion-controlled Solid State Reactions: In Alloys, Thin Films and Nanosystems (3527408843) cover image


Written by an outstanding group of applied theoreticians with comprehensive expertise and a wide spectrum of international contacts headed by Prof. A. M. Gusak, this monograph coherently presents the approaches and results hitherto only available in various journal papers.
A must-have for all those involved with the public or corporate science of nano systems, thin films and electrical engineering.
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Table of Contents

1. Non-equilibrium Vacancies and Diffusion-controlled Processes at Nano-level (A. Gusak)
2. Diffusive Phase Competition: Fundamentals (A.Gusak)
3. Nucleation in a Concentration Gradient (A. Gusak)
4. Modeling of the Initial Stages of Reactive Diffusion (M. Pasichnyy, A. Gusak)
5. Flux-driven Morphology Evolution (A. Gusak)
6. Nano-void Evolution (T. Zaporozhets, A. Gusak)
7. Phase Formation via Electro-migration (S. Kornienko, A. Gusak)
8. Diffusive Phase Competition in Ternary Systems (S. Kornienko, Yu. Lyashenko, A. Gusak)
9. Interdiffusion with Formation and Growth of TwoPhase Zones (Yu. Lyashenko, A. Gusak)
10. The Problem of Choice of Reaction Path and Extremal Principles (A. Gusak, Yu. Lyashenko)
11. Optimal Regimes in Cellular Decomposition (Yu. Lyashenko)
12. Nucleation and Phase Separation in Nano-volumes (A. Shirinyan, A. Gusak)
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Author Information

Having obtained his higher degrees at Moscow State University and Institute of Metallurgy of USSR's Academy of Sciences, lead author Professor Gusak now is Deputy president of Cherkasy National University of Ukraine. Awarded with a prize by the American Physical Society for his work, he was investigator several international teams and served on international advisory boards for major conferences in this field. Visits have taken him to prestigious institutions, e.g. Univ. of Goettingen (Germany), UCLA (USA), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore).
The research of Professor Gusak and his co-workers focuses on modeling of electromigration, void migration and microstructure change in metals, metal junctions, and nano systems.
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