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Stellar Polarimetry

ISBN: 978-3-527-40895-5
431 pages
January 2010
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Written by an experienced teacher and author, this must-have source for work with polarimetric equipment and polarimetry in astronomy conveys the knowledge of the technology and techniques needed to measure and interpret polarizations. As such, this monograph offers a brief introduction and refresher, while also covering in detail statistics and data treatment as well as telescope optics.
For astronomers, physicists and those working in the optical industry.
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Table of Contents

1 Introduction and History
2 The Polarization Ellipse
3 The Algebra of Polarization
4 The Stokes Parameters
5 Polarization Statistics and Data Treatment
6 The Basics of Polarimetric Elements
7 Pre-Measurement Distortions
8 Polarimetric Principles and Instruments
9 Some Polarigenic Mechanisms
10 Interstellar Polarization
11 Binary Stars
12 Early-Type Stars
13 Late-Type Stars
14 General Stellar Variability
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Author Information

David Clarke, after earning his PhD at the University of Manchester and research projects at other institutions, now holds a honorary Research Fellowship at the University of Glasgow.
His work focuses on the development of optical equipmemt for polarimetric measurements of stars associated with scattering processes within stellar atmospheres, the interstellar medium as well as the Earth's atmosphere.
Another project has been the determination of the orbits of dust particles in the Solar System comprising the Zodiacal Light.
An experienced astronomer and cosmologists, he has published over 120 Papers and three books, one of which now in 4th edition.
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