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Surface and Interface Science, Volume 5 and 6: Volume 5 - Solid Gas Interfaces I; Volume 6 - Solid Gas Interfaces II

Klaus Wandelt (Editor)
ISBN: 978-3-527-41158-0
1530 pages
March 2016
Surface and Interface Science, Volume 5 and 6: Volume 5 - Solid Gas Interfaces I; Volume 6 - Solid Gas Interfaces II (3527411585) cover image


In eight volumes, Surface and Interface Science covers all fundamental aspects and offers a comprehensive overview of this research area for scientists working in the field, as well as an introduction for newcomers.

Volume 5: Solid-Gas Interfaces I
Topics covered:

Basics of Adsorption and Desorption
Surface Microcalorimetry
Adsorption of Rare Gases
Adsorption of Alkali and Other Electro-Positive Metals
Halogen adsorption on metals
Adsorption of Hydrogen
Adsorption of Water
Adsorption of (Small) Molecules on Metal Surfaces
Surface Science Approach to Catalysis
Adsorption, Bonding and Reactivity of Unsaturated and Multifunctional Molecules

Volume 6: Solid-Gas Interfaces II
Topics covered:

Adsorption of Large Organic Molecules
Chirality of Adsorbates
Adsorption on Semiconductor Surfaces
Adsorption on Oxide Surfaces
Oscillatory Surface Reactions
Statistical Surface Thermodynamics
Theory of the Dynamics at Surfaces
Atomic and Molecular Manipulation

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Table of Contents

Volume 1: Concepts and Methods
Volume 2: Properties of Elemental Surfaces
Volume 3: Properties of Composite Surfaces: Alloys, Compound Semiconductors, Compounds
Volume 4: Solid-Solid Interfaces and Thin Films
Volume 5: Solid-Gas Interfaces I
Volume 6: Solid-Gas Interfaces II
Volume 7: Solid/Liquid and Inorganic/Biological Interfaces
Volume 8: Applications of Surface Science
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Author Information

Klaus Wandelt is currently Professor Emeritus at the University of Bonn, Germany, where he was also Director of the Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry until 2010. He is a Guest Professor at the Universities of Wroclaw, Poland, and Rome, Tor Vergata, Italy. He received his Ph.D. on electron spectroscopy of alloy surfaces in 1975, and qualified as a professor in 1981. Since then his research focuses on fundamental aspects of the physics and chemistry of metal surfaces under ultrahigh vacuum conditions and in electrolytes, on the atomic structure of amorphous materials, and, more recently, on processes at surfaces of plants.
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