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Magnetohydrodynamic Stability of Tokamaks

ISBN: 978-3-527-41232-7
240 pages
February 2015
Magnetohydrodynamic Stability of Tokamaks (3527412328) cover image


This book bridges the gap between general plasma physics lectures and the real world problems in MHD stability. In order to support the understanding of concepts and their implication, it refers to real world problems such as toroidal mode coupling or nonlinear evolution in a conceptual and phenomenological approach. Detailed mathematical treatment will involve classical linear stability analysis and an outline of more recent concepts such as the ballooning formalism.

The book is based on lectures that the author has given to Master and PhD students in Fusion Plasma Physics. Due its strong link to experimental results in MHD instabilities, the book is also of use to senior researchers in the field, i.e. experimental physicists and engineers in fusion reactor science.

The volume is organized in three parts. It starts with an introduction to the MHD equations, a section on toroidal equilibrium (tokamak and stellarator), and on linear stability analysis. Starting from there, the ideal MHD stability of the tokamak configuration will be treated in the second part which is subdivided into current driven and pressure driven MHD. This includes many examples with reference to experimental results for important MHD instabilities such as kinks and their transformation to RWMs, infernal modes, peeling modes, ballooning modes and their relation to ELMs. Finally the coverage is completed by a chapter on resistive stability explaining reconnection and island formation. Again, examples from recent tokamak MHD such as sawteeth, CTMs, NTMs and their relation to disruptions are extensively discussed.
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Author Information

Hartmut Zohm is Director of the Tokamak Scenario Development Division at the Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics located in Garching, Germany. His main fields of interest are the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) stability of fusion plasmas and their heating by Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating (ECRH). By combining these two fields, he pioneered the active stabilisation of neoclassical magnetic islands, which set a major performance limit to the tokamak, by ECRH. His present field is the study of tokamak physics on the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak which is operated by his department.
Professor Zohm has published a total of more than 200 papers. He is member of several international committees such as the ITPA coordinating committee, the IEA Implementing Agreement on Collaboration of Tokamak Programmes, the Programme Advisory Committees of MAST, KSTAR, DIII-D and the scientific advisory board of IPP.CR and the EU Fusion STAC. He is also a member of the board of editors of the 'Nuclear Fusion' journal and a member of the advisory boards of the 'Annalen der Physik' journal.

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“The book is an excellent introduction and composition of modern results that may help not only the newcomers but also the specialists { congratulations to the author.”  (Zentralblatt MATH, 1 September 2015)

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