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Modern Organonickel Chemistry

Yoshinao Tamaru (Editor)
ISBN: 978-3-527-60423-4
346 pages
March 2006
Modern Organonickel Chemistry (3527604235) cover image


Organonickel chemistry plays an increasingly important role in organic chemistry, and interest in this topic is now just as keen as in organopalladium chemistry. While there are numerous, very successful books on the latter, a book specializing in organonickel chemistry is long overdue.
Edited by one of the leading experts in the field, this volume covers the many discoveries made over the past 30 years, and previously scattered throughout the literature. Active researchers working at the forefront of organonickel chemistry provide a comprehensive review of the topic, including cross-coupling reactions, asymmetric synthesis and heterogeneous catalysis reaction types.
A must-have for both organometallic chemists and synthetic organic chemists.
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Table of Contents

Introductory Guide to Organonickel Chemistry
Nickel-catalyzed Cross-coupling Reactions
Reaction of Alkenes and Allyl Alcohol Derivatives
Reaction of Alkynes
The Reaction of Dienes and Allenes
Cyclooligomerization and Cycloisomerization of Alkenes and Alkynes
Nickel-mediated and -catalyzed Carboxylation
Carbonylation and Decarbonylation
Asymmetric Synthesis
Heterogeneous Catalysis
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Author Information

Born in 1945, Yoshinao Tamaru studied chemistry at Kyoto University, Japan, where he completed his doctoral thesis on the "New Aspects of Thio-bicyclic Chemistry" under Professor Z. Yoshida in 1973. That same year he joined the University's Department of Applied Chemistry as an assistant, becoming an associate professor in 1981. During this period, he spent a year as a postdoctoral fellow in the working group of Professor Barry M. Trost at the University of Wisconsin. In 1989 he took up a chair at the Department of Applied Chemistry at Nagasaki University. Among others, Professor Tamaru is a recipient of the Young Chemist Award, given by Chemical Society of Japan. His current research interests include developing new methodologies based on transition metal catalysis utilizing organozincs, organo-boranes, and nitrogen and sulfur heteroatoms as well as modified enzymes as catalysts for organic transformation.
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"Insgesamt handelt es sich um ein sehr gelungenes Buch, und sowohl die allgemeinen Einführungen in die jeweilige Thematik als auch die Darstellungen der modernen Entwicklungen in der Organonickelchemie sind von durchgehend hoher Qualität. Die Themen sind sorgfältig ausgewählt und weisen keine Überschneidungen auf. ... Das Buch kann Organikern an Hochschulen und in industriellen Forschungs- und Entwicklungsabteilungen zweifelsohne empfohlen werden. ...fortgeschrittene Studierende erhalten einen sicher nützlichen Einblick in wichtige metallkatalysierte Reaktionen..."
Angewandte Chemie
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