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Late Transition Metal Polymerization Catalysis

Bernhard Rieger (Editor), Lisa Saunders Baugh (Editor), Smita Kacker (Editor), Susanne Striegler (Editor)
ISBN: 978-3-527-60526-2
345 pages
March 2006
Late Transition Metal Polymerization Catalysis (3527605266) cover image
Even some fifty years after their discovery, transition metals have lost none of their fascination. The use of complex compounds in these elements has not only revolutionized synthesis in the laboratory, but has also led to them playing an important role in many industrial applications. Each year, millions of tons of plastics are produced around the world and, by varying the ligands in the catalytically active compounds, the properties of the resulting polymers can even be tailored for use.

For this purpose, sandwich compounds from early transition metals have been common until now, but interest has focused increasingly on the late transition metals. In this book, the world's leading authors from research and industry discuss the latest developments in research into palladium, zinc, iron and nickel catalysis. In so doing, they systematically introduce readers to the basic principles and illustrate how these innovative catalysts can be effectively used for polymerizations. The result is an ideal reference work, invaluable for every organic chemist working in catalysis or polymer research.

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Pd(II)-complexes, branched PE, C2/acrylate-copolymers
Novel bridged Zn-complexes for CO2/epoxide copolymerization
chiral alken/CO-copolymers and catalysts
CO2/epoxide copolymers, unbridged Zn-complexes
Polyamides by metal catalysis
Technical problems of CO/alkene copolymers
Penta-coordinated Fe, CO-complexes for C2-polymerization
Norbornene-insertion polymerization - polymer products
Industrial applications of Pd(II) imin complexes and polymer products
aluminium complexes for C2 polymerization
Unsymmetric diimine complexes
Branched C2-polymers vs. C2/higher olefin-copolymers
diimine complexes with chiral backbone
polar olefin copolymers
Novel approaches to combine catalysts
Spieder-like polyketones or novel super-active diimine complexes
Norbornene-insertion polymerization - catalysts or Pd(II)-catalyzed cyclopropene polymerization
Novel catalysts for linear homo- and copolymers
New polymers from polar monomers
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"Das Buch kann allen an der Polymerisationskatalyse interessierten Wissenschaftlern sehr empfohlen werden...Ein gelungenes und sehr aktuelles Werk!"
Angewandte Chemie, 2003, 30
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