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Accelerator X-Ray Sources

ISBN: 978-3-527-61029-7
494 pages
February 2007
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This first book to cover in-depth the generation of x-rays in particle accelerators focuses on electron beams produced by means of the novel Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) technology. The resulting highly brilliant x-rays are at the centre of this monograph, which continues where other books on the market stop.
Written primarily for general, high energy and radiation physicists, the systematic treatment adopted by the work makes it equally suitable as an advanced textbook for young researchers.
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Table of Contents

1. Beams Electrons or Photons
2. Beams Treated as Waves
3. Synchrotron Radiation From Accelerator Magnets
4. Simple Storage Rings
5. The Influence of Synchrotron Radiation on a Storage Ring
6. Elementary Theory of Linacs
7. Undulator Radiation
8. Undulator Magnets
9. X-Ray Beam Line Design
10. The Energy Recovery Linac X-Ray Source
11. A Fourth Generation, Fast Cycling, Conventional Light Source
12. Compton Scattered Beams and "Laser Wire" Diagnostics
13. Space Charge Effects and Coherent Radiation
14. The X-Ray FEL
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Author Information

Richard M. Talman is Professor of Physics at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. After receiving B.A and M.A. at the University of Western Ontario, he received his Ph.D. at the California Institute of Technology in 1963. Since then he has been at Cornell, accepting a full professorship for Physics in 1971.
He has spent terms as visiting scientist at Stanford(2), CERN(2), Berkeley(2) and Saskatchewan, and served as leader of the Instrumentation and Diagnostics Group at the SSC project in Dallas. He has given courses on accelerators at Chicago, Austin, Rice, and Yale. Initially a particle physics experimentalist, Professor Talman has been engaged in the design of a series of
accelerators, with recent emphasis on their use for x-ray production.
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