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Spectroscopy in Catalysis, 3rd, Completely Revised and Enlarged Edition

ISBN: 978-3-527-61135-5
344 pages
September 2007
Spectroscopy in Catalysis, 3rd, Completely Revised and Enlarged Edition (3527611355) cover image

“… this book is a uniquely helpful guide to many of the major (and some minor) techniques used to investigate the structures of solid catalysts and model systems and is written from the perspective of a prolific researcher in the field. The writing is enjoyable to read, the illustrations are clear, and the reader is guided efficiently to key technical references for further details… “ –Journal of the American Chemical Society

Superbly organized and of great pedagogic value, Spectroscopy in Catalysis describes the most important modern analytical techniques used to investigate catalytic surfaces. These include electron, ion, and vibrational spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, temperature-programmed techniques, diffraction, and microscopy. With the focus on practical use, rather than theory, each chapter presents current applications to illustrate the type of information that the technique provides and evaluates its possibilities and limitations, allowing selection of the best catalyst and the correct technique to solve a given problem.
This third edition includes significant new developments and case studies, with all the chapters updated by way of recent examples and relevant new literature. For students and for everyone who wants a digestible introduction to catalyst characterization.
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Heterogeneous Catalysis
Aim of Catalysis Characterization
Spectroscopic Techniques
Research Strategies
Temperature Programmed Reduction
Sulfidation and Reaction Spectroscopy
Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy
X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Auger Electron Spectroscopy
Secondary Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometry
Rutherford Backscattering and Low Energy Ion Spectroscopy
X-Ray Diffraction
Low Energy Electron Diffraction and Extended X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure
Electron Microscopy
Scanning Probe Microscopy
Field Emission and Ion Microscopy
Infrared, Raman and Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
Case Studies in Catalyst Characterization
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Hans Niemantsverdriet is Professor Physical Chemistry of Surfaces, Director of the Schuit Institute of Catalysis and Dean of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. He is (co)author of about 185 scientific papers and of 3 books (see also www.catalysis.nl). Hans has been Editor of the Journal of Catalysis since 1996, and served as Managing Editor of CaTTech between 1996 and 2001. He is member of the Editorial Boards of Applied Surface Science, and Physical Chemistry - Chemical Physics. He served as Chairman of the Netherlands Vacuum Society NEVAC (1997-2000) and as President of the European Federation of Catalysis Societies, EFCATS (1999-2001).
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The third edition includes significant new developments and case studies and all the chapters are updated with recent examples and relevant new literature.
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'This is a truly valuable book ... very useful for industrial practitioners who need to be aware of the type of information that can be obtained from modern surface spectroscopies .... The book has a superb pedagogic value...'
Journal of Catalysis

'The author has achieved the clarity of presentation without resorting to unnecessary simplifications. The drawings are very instructive and the examples are very well chosen . ... I am convinced that it will soon become an indispensable companion for everybody interested in the studies of catalysis.'
Newsletter of the European Federation of the Catalysis Societies

'... this is an excellent text on spectroscopies in catalysis and I highly recommend it for ... introductory courses on heterogeneous catalysis or as a general introductory monograph.'
Journal of the American Chemical Society

'This admirable and beautifully organized book ... should prove invaluable to generations of graduate students and others embarking on a serious study of solid catalysts.'
Advanced Materials

'Niemantsverdriet's book enriches the scientific literature. A description of surface spectroscopy with textbook character was not previously available.'
Nachrichten aus Chemie, Technik und Laboratorium
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