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Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, 3rd, Completely Revised Edition

ISBN: 978-3-527-61168-3
965 pages
November 2008
Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, 3rd, Completely Revised Edition (3527611681) cover image


The thoroughly revised new edition of this best-seller, presents the wide use of AAS in numerous fields of application. The comparison between the different AAS techniques enables the reader to find the best solution for his analytical problem.

Authors Bernhard Welz and Michael Sperling have succeeded in finding a balance between theoretical fundamentals and practical applications. The new chapter 'physical fundamentals' describes the basic principles of AAS. The development of AAS is now described in a separate chapter. Further new chapters are devoted to the latest developments in the field of flow injection and the use of computers for laboratory automation. Methodological progress e. g. speciation analysis is also covered in this new edition.

The index and the extensive bibliography make this book a unique source of information. It will prove useful not only for analytical chemists, out also spectroscopists in industry, institutes, and universities. Atomic Absorption Spectrometry will also be invaluable for clinics and research institutes in the fields of biochemistry, medicine, food technology, geology, metallurgy, petrochemistry, and mineralogy.
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Table of Contents

Development of Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Physical Fundamentals
Atomizers und Atomization Techniques
Individual Steps of an Analytical Method
Mechanization and Automation
Determination of Species
Techniques of Atom Absorption Spectrometry
Individual Elements
Specific Applications
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