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Alloy Physics: A Comprehensive Reference

ISBN: 978-3-527-61420-2
1003 pages
January 2008
Alloy Physics: A Comprehensive Reference (3527614206) cover image


Covering the latest research in alloy physics together with the underlying basic principles, this comprehensive book provides a sound understanding of the structural changes in metals and alloys -- ranging from plastic
deformation, deformation dynamics and ordering kinetics right up to atom jump processes, first principle calculations and simulation techniques. Alongside fundamental topics, such as crystal defects, phase transformations and statistical thermodynamics, the team of international authors treats such hot areas as nano-size effects, interfaces, and spintronics, as well as
technical applications of modern alloys, like data storage and recording, and the possibilities offered by materials design.
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Table of Contents

Wolfgang Pfeiler: Introduction
Yuri Grin, Ulrich Schwarz and Walter Steurer: Crystal Structure and Chemical Bonding
Thierry Duffar: Solidification and Grown-in defects
Veronique Pierron-Bohnes and Tarik Mehaddene: Lattice Statics and Lattice Dynamics
Wolfgang Püschl, Hiroshi Numakura and Wolfgang Pfeiler: Point Defects, Atom Jumps and Diffusion
Daniel Caillard: Dislocations and Mechanical Properties
Brent Fultz and Jeffrey J. Hoyt: Phase Equilibria and Phase Transformations
Georges Martin and Pascal Bellon: Relaxation of Non-Equilibrium Alloys
Hirotaro Mori and Jung-Goo Lee: Change of Alloy Properties under Dimensional Restrictions
Tetsuo Mohri: Statistical Thermodynamics and Model Calculations
Raimund Podloucky, Walter Wolf and Stefan Müller: Ab-initio Methods and Applications
Ferdinand Haider, Rafal Kozubski and T. A. Abinandanan: Simulation Techniques
Bogdan Sepiol and Karl F. Ludwig: Experimental Methods:
High-Resolution Scattering Methods and Time-Resolved Diffraction
Guido Schmitz and James M. Howe: Experimental Methods: High-Resolution Microscopy
Roland Grössinger, Peter Mohn, Laurent Ranno, Takeo Ohta, Harald W. Weber: Materials and Process Design
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Author Information

Wolfgang Pfeiler is professor at the Institute of Materials Physics of the University of Vienna. He is mainly working on investigating the microstructure of alloys, as well as the kinetics of structural changes with a focus on atomic ordering.
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