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Golf Balls, Boomerangs and Asteroids: The Impact of Missiles on Society

ISBN: 978-3-527-61482-0
436 pages
July 2008
Golf Balls, Boomerangs and Asteroids: The Impact of Missiles on Society (3527614826) cover image


Exciting reading for anyone with a curious mind!

'Walking one day by a golf course in Wisconsin, I was startled to hear a sharp bang as a golf ball narrowly missed my head and hit a tree. My companion cheerfully remarked, 'That could have killed you, you know.' I picked up the innocent looking little white ball and looked at it with new respect.'

Prompted by this perilous experience, Brian Kaye has written a delightful and informative book on the design and behavior of different kinds of missiles from golf balls, arrows, and slingshots to comets and rockets to outer space. You'll learn about the science of tennis and find the answer to questions like why a golf ball has dimples or why a boomerang comes back. Don't miss Brian Kaye's latest, you'll be amused and amazed - and learn some physics to boot.
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Table of Contents

Aus dem Inhalt:

Why Do Golf Balls have Dimples/
Robin Hood, William Tell, and Which Way did thay go/
Racketeering Missiles/
Bolas, Boomerangs and Bouncing Bombs/
Darts, Stone Discs, and Boomerangs/
Pea Shooters, Rockets, and Rifles/
Rockets: From Fireworks to Trans-Galactic Messengers/
Cosmic Collisions/
Some Down to Earth Missiles/
Humans as Missiles and Targets/
Micro and Miscellaneous Missiles
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