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Statistical Microhydrodynamics

ISBN: 978-3-527-62181-1
506 pages
June 2008
Statistical Microhydrodynamics (3527621814) cover image


Written by experienced practitioners and teachers, this concise and comprehensive treatment on particulate flow covers both the theory as well as applications and examples from the oil and chemical industry.
Following a look at the basic concepts of probability theory, the authors goe on to examine the elements of microhydrodynamics, Brownian motion, and real liquids in turbulent flow.
Of interest for lecturers in physics, theoretical physicists and chemists, as well as chemical engineers.
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Table of Contents

1. Basic Concepts of the Probability Theory
2. Elements of Microhydrodynamics
3. Brownian Motion of Particles
4. Turbulent Flow of Fluids
5. Particles in Motion in a Turbulent Flow
6. Coagulation and Breakup of Inertialess Particles in a Turbulent Flow
7. Coagulation of Inertial Particles in a Turbulent Flow
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Author Information

Emmanuil G. Sinaiski completed the Lomonossow-State University, Moscow, Russia, where he obtained his PhD in physics and mathematics. He received a Dr Eng. Sci. degree in petroleum engineering from Gubkin-State University of Oil&Gas, Moscow, Russia where he was later appointed to a full professorship. Professor Sinaiski published numerous books and scientific articles, among them 'Separation of Mulitphase, Mulitcomponent Systems' published in 2007 by Wiley-VCH. His fields of interest are applied mathematics, fluid mechanics, physicochemical hydrodynamics, chemical and petroleum engineering.

Leonid I. Zaichik studied at the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia and graduated with a Diploma of Higher Education in Thermophysics in 1971. He received his PhD in Engineering Sciences from the Krzhihanovsky Power Engineering Institute, Moscow, Russia, in 1986. He has been working as an Engineer for the All Union Institute for Current Sources and as Senior Researcher and Head of Laboratory at the Krzhizhanovsky Power Engineering Institute in Moscow. Since 1996 he is Head of the Laboratory of Mathematical Modelling at the Institute for High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Zaichik is author of two books and more than 300 research papers.
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