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Cost Containment and Efficiency in National Health Systems: A Global Comparison

John Rapoport (Editor), Philip Jacobs (Editor), Egon Jonsson (Editor)
ISBN: 978-3-527-62295-5
247 pages
December 2008, Wiley-Blackwell
Cost Containment and Efficiency in National Health Systems: A Global Comparison (3527622950) cover image


Written by a local health economics expert, each of the eight chapters in this timely handbook and ready reference describes the national healthcare system of a different industrialized country. In each case, the 4-5 specific policies with the highest impact on that respective country over the past 20-30 years are identified. In addition, the economic characteristics of each policy are described and, where possible, its success evaluated, discussing the current policy agenda. A final chapter summarizes and synthesizes the major points of the analysis.
While the main focus is on economics, this guide is written in non-technical language for an audience of health policy decision makers or students of health policy, making it an invaluable contribution to the current debate surrounding the control of rising healthcare-related costs in the developed world.
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Table of Contents

Introduction And Summary (John Rapoport)
- Highlights of each country's approach
- How are Cost containment and economic efficiency related?
- Strategies and their effects: a cross country analysis
- Current Policy Agenda
Canada (Raisa Deber)
- Canada's Health Care System
- Paying for Canadian Health Care
- Delivering Health Care in Canada
- Overall expenditure trends
- Cost control strategies employed
Current situation
Strategies To Improve Efficiency In The English National Health Service (Adam Oliver)
- Introduction
- Structural characteristics of the NHS
- The efficiency initiatives
- Conclusion
Strategies For Cost Containment In Finnish Health Care: Decentralization And Price Regulation (Unto Hakkinen)
- Introduction
- Finnish health care system
- Strategies for municipal health services
- Cost containment in services covered by NHI
- Lessons from Finland
Germany (Markus Worz and Reinhard Busse)
- A review of the major structural and operational characteristics of German health system
- Major cost containment and efficiency seeking strategies
- Report on the current situation
The Netherlands: From Limiting Supply To Limiting Demand (Werner Brouwer and Frans Rutten)
- Introduction
- The Dutch health care system in transition
- Cost containment through the years
- Future challenges
Japan (Akinoi Hisashige)
- HealthcareExpenditure Trends in Japan
- Healthcare System in Japan
- Cost Containment Strategy in Japan
- Recent trends and Future challenges
New Zealand (Toni Ashton)
- Introduction
- Overview of NZ system
- Global budgets
- The quasi-market reforms
- Management of pharmaceutical expenditure
- Priority setting
- Management of waiting lists
- Current agenda
- Conclusion
Sweden (Bengt Jonsson)
- Introduction
- Paying for performance -
DRG based payments to ospitals
- Reference pricing and generic substitution
- Health technology assessment
- The current situation

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Author Information


John Rapoport
Professor of Economics
Mount Holyoke College
South Hadley, Ma

Philip Jacobs
Institute of Health Economics
Edmonton, Alberta

Egon Jonsson
Institute of Health Economics
Edmonton, Alberta

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