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Encyclopedia of Nuclear Physics and its Applications

Reinhard Stock (Editor)
ISBN: 978-3-527-64926-6
796 pages
September 2013
Encyclopedia of Nuclear Physics and its Applications (3527649263) cover image


This book fills the need for a coherent work combining carefully reviewed articles into a comprehensive overview accessible to research groups and lecturers. Next to fundamental physics, contributions on topical medical and material science issues are included.
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Table of Contents

PART A: Fundamental Nuclear Research
1. Nuclear Structure
2. Nuclear Reactions
3. Electrostatic Accelerators
4. Linear Accelerators
5. Exotic Nuclear Beam Facilities
6. Superheavy Nuclei
7. Nuclear y-Spectroscopy and the y-Spheres
8. y-Optics and Nuclear Photonics
9. The Proton
10. Physics of the Neutron
11. Neutrino Astrophysics
12. Nuclear Astrophysics
13. Relativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions

PART B: Applied Nuclear Physics
14. Neutron Stars
15. Supernovae and their Nucleosythesis
16. Accelerator Mass Spectrometry and its Applications
17. Nuclear Medicine
18. Cancer Therapy with Ion Beams

PART C: Nuclear Power
19. The Physics of Nuclear Power from Fission and Fusion
20. Fundamentals of Controlled Nuclear Fission and Essential Characteristics of Pressurized-Water Reactors
21. Generation IV Nuclear Reactors
22. Transmutation of High-Level Nuclear Waste by Means of Accelerator Driven System (ADS)
23. Fusion Energy by Magnetic Confinement
24. Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion
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Author Information

Professor Reinhard Stock has worked for many years at the Nuclear Research Centre CERN in Geneva, where he performed research on the early universe's plasma state as derived from the results of collision experiments. In 1989 he was awarded the Leibniz Prize. Until his retirement he was professor at the High Energy and Particle Physics Department of the Goethe University of Frankfurt. He has authored more than 180 papers.
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