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Magnetic Materials

ISBN: 978-3-89578-352-4
608 pages
January 2013
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At a practical level, this compendium reviews the basics of soft and hard magnetic materials, discusses the advantages of the different processing routes for the exploitation of the magnetic properties and hence assists in proper, fail-safe and economic application of magnetic materials. Essential guidelines and formulas for the calculation of the magnetic and electrical properties, temperature and long-term stability of permanent magnets, of inductive components and magnetic shielding are compiled. Selected fields of application and case studies illustrate the large diversity of technical applications. Application engineers will appreciate the comprehensive compilation of the properties and detailed characteristic curves of modern soft and hard magnetic materials. Materials scientists will enjoy the presentation of the different processing routes and their impact on the magnetic properties and students will profit from the survey from the basics of magnetism down to the applications in inductive components, magnetic shielding and magnet assemblies.
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Ferromagnetism, Magnetic Domain Structure, Magnetization Processes, Basic Material Properties of Soft and Hard Magnetic Materials, Relations between Magnetic and Electrical Quantities, Terms and Definitions, Magnetic Measurements

VAC Magnetic Materials: Crystalline Soft Magnetic Materials and Ductile Permanent Magnets, Rapidly Solidified Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Materials, Properties and Characteristic Curves of Soft Magnetic Materials and Ductile Permanent Magnets, Production of Rare Earth-Transition Metal Magnets, Typical Magnet Properties, Demagnetization Curves, Temperature Stability, Corrosion Behaviour and Coating, Mechanical Properties of Sintered RE-TM Magnets

Applications: Magnetic Shielding, Current Sensors, Residual Current Devices, Current Transformers for Electronic Electricity Meters, Motor Applications, Wind Power Generators, Wigglers and Undulators, Power Transformers, Common Mode Chokes

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Author Information

DR. RAINER HILZINGER former Chief Technology Officer and Development Director at VACUUMSCHMELZE, is a Member of the American Physical Society and the German Physical Society. He has published more than 65 scientific publications and is the holder of a number of patents. He was awarded the Georg-Sachs-Prize by the German Society for Materials Science (DGM) in 1983. Under his direction, many new materials have been developed and brought into commercial application.

DR. WERNER RODEWALD former Head of Fundamental Research and Development of Rare-Earth permanent magnet materials at VACUUMSCHMELZE, is also a Member of the German Physical Society. Until 2005, he was member of the IEC Technical Committee TC68-WG5, which compiles standards and measuring methods for permanent magnets. In addition, he has managed national and international projects with partners from universities and industry and has published many technical articles.
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“It will be a very handy reference book when solving magnetic circuit design problems.  Materials scientists will also appreciate the detailed information on the effects of processing techniques on magnetic properties.”  (IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, 1 September 2013)

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