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Handbook of Pharmaceutical Salts Properties, Selection, and Use

ISBN: 978-3-90639-058-1
388 pages
August 2008
Handbook of Pharmaceutical Salts Properties, Selection, and Use (3906390586) cover image


This comprehensive up-to-date guide and information source is an instructive companion for all scientists involved in research and development of drugs and, in particular, of pharmaceutical dosage forms. The editors have taken care to address every conceivable aspect of the preparation of pharmaceutical salts and present the necessary theoretical foundations as well as a wealth of detailed practical experience in the choice of pharmaceutically active salts. Altogether, the contributions reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the science involved in selection of suitable salt forms for new drug products.
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Table of Contents

Introduction (Camille G. Wernuth and P. Heinrich Stahl).

Chapter 1: The Physicochemical Background: Fundamentals of Ionic Equilibria (Michael B. Maurin, David J. W. Grant and P. Heinrich Stahl).

Chapter 2: Solubility and Dissolution of Weak Acids, Bases, and Salts (Madhu Pudipeddi, Abu T. M. Serajuddin, David J. W. Grant and P. Heinrich Stahl).

Chapter 3: Evaluation of Solid-State Properties of Salts (Danielle Giron and David J. W. Grant).

Chapter 4: Pharmaceutical Aspects of the Drug Salt Form (P. Heinrich Stahl and Masahiro Nakano).

Chapter 5: Biological Effects of the Drug Salt Form (Friedlieb Pfannkuch, Harald Rettig, and P. Heinrich Stahl).

Chapter 6: Salt-Selection Strategies (Abu T. M. Serajuddin and Madhu Pudipeddi).

Chapter 7: A Procedure for Salt Selection and Optimization (Michael J. Bowker).

Chapter 8: Large-Scale Aspects of Salt Formation: Processing of Intermediates and Final Products (Stanley Lee and Christian Hoff).

Chapter 9: Patent Aspects of Drug Salt Formation (Hans-Günther Foraita).

Chapter 10: Regulatory Aspects of Drug Salts (Henning Asche, Jun-ichi Kondo, and Funmilayo O. Ajayi).

Chapter 11: Selected Procedures for the Preparation of Pharmaceutically Acceptable Salts (Camille G. Wermuth and P. Heinrich Stahl).

Chapter 12: Monographs on Acids and Bases (P. Heinrich Stahl and Camille G. Wermuth).

Appendix (P. Heinrich Stahl).



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"...the editors have produced a rare commodity, a body of knowledge on an important area, summarized in single volume.In a nutshell, this long-overdue volume belongs on the personal shelf of every pharmaceutical scientist working with new chemical entities." Pharmaceutical Development and Technology
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