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Chemistry of Love and Sex

ISBN: 978-3-90639-068-0
120 pages
January 2013
Chemistry of Love and Sex (3906390683) cover image


Chemistry of Love and Sex is a chemist's guide to the chemical phenomena and molecules associated with endogenous hormonal mechanisms and brain neurotransmission - the basis of many emotions associated with love, passion, and sex.

Chemistry of Love and Sex demonstrates how these substances interact and "play" with each other in the different phases of human relationships. External factors which may influence love and sex, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or food are also considered.
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Table of Contents

Glossary 1

1. Endogenous Chemistry 7

1.1. Steroid Hormones 7

1.2. Brain Chemistry 22

2. Chemical Communication in Love and Sex 39

2.1. Introduction 39

2.2. 'Bad Odor', 'Good Odor', 'No Odor' and a Relationship with Chemical Communication in Humans 39

2.3. Pheromones 45

2.4. Conclusions 56

3. Exogenous Molecules Intervening in Love and Sex 63

3.1. Drugs 63

3.2. The Cosmeceuticals Also Can Help ... 84

3.3. Food Components That May Influence Love and Sex 87

4. Conclusions 97

4.1. Everything Is Connected in Love and Sex 97

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Author Information

Madalena Maria de Magalhães Pinto studied Pharmacy at the University of Porto (B.Sc.), Portugal. With a Research Fellowship, she stayed at the University of São Paulo with Prof. Otto Richard Gottlieb, and in 1983 she obtained her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at the University of Porto where she holds the position of Professor of Medicinal Chemistry. She teaches Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Organic Synthesis in the Course of Pharmaceutical Sciences in the Faculty of Pharmacy. Her current research interests lie in Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry, biomimetic and total synthesis assisted by solid phase catalysis and microwave, chiral molecular recognition and artificial receptors with application as chiral stationary phases for HPLC, and nanoparticles as drug delivery systems.
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