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International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing

Vol 29 (12 Issues in 2015)
Edited by: Mike J. Grimble
Print ISSN: 0890-6327 Online ISSN: 1099-1115
Impact Factor: 1.346
International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing (ACS) cover image


Papers that do not include an element of adaptive control and estimation theory will not be considered for the journal and all papers will be expected to include significant novel material. The journal focus is on model based control design approaches rather than heuristic or rule based control design methods.

The International Journal of Adaptive Control and Signal Processing is concerned with the design, synthesis and application of estimators or controllers where adaptive features are needed to cope with uncertainties. The theory and application of adaptive systems and system identification are areas of interest. Contributions that bring together the expertise of the Adaptive Control and Signal Processing communities, and signal processing methods that are non-adaptive but that can be applied in adaptive systems are encouraged. Papers are not encouraged on areas of chaos theory or fuzzy systems and papers on neural networks will only be accepted if of exceptional novelty or applications potential.

The field of control and signal processing applications is a strong focus. This includes problems in the implementation of algorithms for real time signal processing and control. The topics of stability, convergence and numerical aspects of the algorithms are considered of importance. The related aspects of software engineering, numerical methods, control and filtering algorithms are also of interest. Principal areas to be addressed include:

  • Auto-Tuning and Self-Tuning
  • Multiple Model Adaptive Control
  • Model Reference Adaptive Controllers
  • Robust and Intelligent Adaptive Controllers
  • Nonlinear Adaptive Controllers
  • System Identification and Estimation
  • Adaptive Signal Processing Theory
  • Adaptive Signal Processing Techniques and Algorithms
  • Condition Monitoring Systems
  • Fault Detection and Isolation Methods
  • Fault-Tolerant Control (system supervision and diagnosis)
  • Learning Systems and Adaptive Modelling
  • Real Time Algorithms for Adaptive Signal Processing and Control
  • Adaptive Signal Processing and Control Applications

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