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Vol 49 (10 Issues in 2017)
Edited by: Wolf-Bernhard Schill and Ralf Henkel
Online ISSN: 1439-0272
Impact Factor: 1.458
Andrologia (AND2) cover image


Andrologia provides an international forum for original papers on the current clinical, morphological, biochemical, and experimental status of organic male infertility and sexual disorders in men. The articles inform on the whole process of advances in andrology (including the aging male), from fundamental research to therapeutic developments worldwide. First published in 1969 and the first international journal of andrology, it is a well established journal in this expanding area of reproductive medicine.

And in addition, Andrologia provides articles on anatomy, endocrinology, physiology, and veterinary medicine.

Andrologia is essential reading for scientists in fundamental andrological research, laboratory diagnosticians, veterinarians and clinicians in many fields (most importantly - dermatologists, endocrinologists, gynecologists, oncologists, and urologists.)

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