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Communication, Culture & Critique

Vol 9 (4 Issues in 2016)
Edited by: Radhika Parameswaran
Print ISSN: 1753-9129 Online ISSN: 1753-9137
Communication, Culture & Critique (CCCR) cover image


Communication, Culture & Critique (CCC) is the International Communication Association’s (ICA) latest publication and the first new journal to emerge from the Association for more than a decade. Subscription to CCC is included with an institutional subscription to Journal of Communication.

CCC provides an international forum for critical, interpretive, and qualitative research examining the role of communication and cultural criticism in today's world. The journal welcomes high quality research and analyses from diverse theoretical and methodological approaches from all fields of communication, media and cultural studies. Media for analysis include all kinds of text- and print-based media, as well as broadcast, still and moving images and electronic modes of communication including the internet and mobile telephony.

Whilst CCC has no interest in perpetuating the unhelpful binary of quantitative/qualitatative in terms of the kinds of submissions it will accept, the journal will specifically encourage scholarship which is critically informed, methodologically imaginative and careful in its exposition and argument. We believe that by providing a new outlet for critical, interpretive and qualitative work, our contributors will push the boundaries of considering the role that communication and culture play in our local and global world.

CCC publishes well-argued, rigorous and thoughtful work which asks more questions than it answers. We aim to provide a lively forum for debate, dialogue and doubt. In the coming years, we will be inviting contributions on topical themes and encouraging interdisciplinary and cross-over work which uses innovative approaches and methods to cast new light on some of the urgent issues facing our planet. Bringing a critical lens to the social, cultural and political dimensions of our media-saturated world is a crucial task in which the academy must engage if we are to be of any real use to the societies in which we work and play. We must recognize the salience of geography on communication flow, the importance of gender on lived experience, the place of poverty in the knowledge society and the historical antecedents of contemporary events, if our work is to have any real meaning for or influence in the lives of real people in the real world.

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