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Advanced Biosystems

Vol 1 (11 Issues in 2017)
Editor-in-Chief: Lorna Stimson; Editors: Kerstin Brachhold, Uta Goebel, Emily Hu
Online ISSN: 2366-7478
Advanced Biosystems (E771) cover image


Advanced Biosystems extends the Advanced brand into the life sciences by publishing the best research into technologies that enhance and harness biological systems, including systems and synthetic biology, advanced therapeutics, and biohybrids and neurotechnology.

  • Applied systems biology, including microbiomics, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics
  • Synthetic biology, including artificial organisms, molecular machines, viral engineering, DNA synthesis
  • Bionanotechnology, including bioinspired/biomimetic systems, biophysics, bioelectronics, nano- and microfluidics
  • Applied biotechnology and bioengineering, including DNA and protein engineering, metabolic engineering, industrial microorganisms, biocatalysis and biofuels
  • Cell and molecular biology, including genetically modified organisms, genetics, biochemistry, cellular engineering, cellular programming
  • Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, including stem cells, artificial organs, neuroengineering
  • Medical applications, including pharmaceuticals, vaccines, gene therapy, biomarkers, personalized medicine, drug delivery, immunology, diagnostics
  • ISSN: 2366-7478 (online).

    Volume 2. 12 Issues in 2018.

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