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Economic Outlook

Vol 41 (4 Issues in 2017)
Edited by: Adrian Cooper
Print ISSN: 0140-489X Online ISSN: 1468-0319
Published on behalf of Oxford Economics
Economic Outlook (ECOL) cover image


Economic Outlook is a quarterly report detailing the forecast over the next five years for all of the key UK macroeconomic indicators. The following sectors of the UK economy are analysed in-depth:

  • Fiscal Policy
  • The Housing Market
  • Monetary Policy
  • The UK Company Sector
  • Prices and Wages
  • The Labour Market
  • Economic Activity
  • Trade and the Balance of Payments
  • Consumer Demand
  • Sectoral Balances; Surpluses and Deficits

In addition each report contains regular Feature Articles. Recent issues featured include:

  • Offshoring: How big an issue?
  • Aviation and the UK Economy. Analysing the contribution of the aviation industry to the UK economy and its growth potential.
  • The Impact of Interest Rates and the Housing Market on the UK Economy.
  • The changing sources of new mortgage debt.
  • An analysis of the UK housing market. Is the housing market set to fall?
  • What difference would EMU entry make to the UK?

The report also contains a general economic assessment and overview of the economies of the USA, the Eurozone and Japan, including three-year forecasts of the key macroeconomic indicators. The forecasts are produced using Oxford Economic's global macroeconomic model.

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