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Strategic Market Management, 9th Edition

December 2009, ©2011
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Developing and implementing strategies today is very different than only a few decades ago; nearly all firms today operate in dynamic markets.  Completely revised and updated, Aaker's best-selling book, Strategic Market Management, helps managers identify, implement, prioritize, and adapt market-driven business strategies that will enjoy sustainable advantage in dynamic markets that are increasingly complex and cluttered.  The intent is to provide decision makers with concepts, methods, and procedures by which they can improve the quality of their strategic decision making and developing growth strategies.

The new 9th Edition supplies students in strategic marketing, policy, planning, and entrepreneur courses with the critical knowledge and skills—strategic analysis, innovation, getting control of the multiple business units, and knowing how to develop sustainable advantage.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Strategic Market Management: An Overview


Chapter 2 External and Customer Analysis

Chapter 3 Competitor Analysis

Chapter 4 Market/Submarket Analysis

Chapter 5 Environmental Analysis and Strategic Uncertainty

Chapter 6 Internal Analysis

Case Challenges for Part I


Chapter 7 Creating Advantage: Synergy and Commitment vs. Opportunism vs. Adaptability

Chapter 8 Alternative Value Propositions

Chapter 9 Building and Managing Brand Equity

Chapter 10 Energizing the Business

Chapter 11 Leveraging the Business

Chapter 12 Creating New Businesses 

Chapter 13. Global Strategies

Chapter 14 Setting priorities for Businesses and brands—The Exit, Milk, and Consolidate Options

Chapter 15 From Silos to Synergy—Harnessing the Organization

Case Challenges for Part II

 - Hobart

 - Dove

 - Competing Against Wal-Mart

 - Contemporary Art

 - Sony vs. iPod

Appendix: Planning Form

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New To This Edition

  • New Theme - How to develop and execute strategy in dynamic markets to create sustainable advantage from a marketing/external perspective.
  • New Perspectives and Philosophies - The text has a new blended philosophy and is written more from the viewpoint of a CMO or senior marketing manager.
  • New case challenges:  Contemporary Art and Sony vs. iPod.
  • Chapter 10 on Energizing the Business has now three sections: 
    - Innovating the offering by improving the product or experience and branding that improvement through the use of branded differentiators
    - Energizing the brand  by involving the customer, promotions and the use of branded energizers,
    - Increasing the usage of existing customers.
  • Chapter 13: Organization - Contextualized to demonstrate how to overcome the barriers that powerful organizational silos create to inhibit cooperation and communication.
  • New in Chapter 12: Creating New Business – A Why is it Hard” section that taps into innovation literature.
  • New and Improved coverage on the following topics:
    - The role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been expanded.
    - Being green is explored under external analysis and the potential of social programs.
    - Creating strategy in tough economic times.
    - Using the Internet in communities to engage customers and get ideas.
    - Revised section on quality value proposition option, its rationale, the texture of service quality, and handling disasters.
    - The Nintendo case study - The power of competitive analyses in leading to strategies.
    - Dimensions of fit for extensions, communicating value without harming the brand, country customization of strategy is needed, and evaluating transformational innovation.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Business strategy defined to include product/market scope, value proposition, assets and competences, and functional strategies.
  • A structured strategic analysis including a detailed customer, competitor, market, and environmental analysis plus an internal or self analysis with a set of “planning forms” in the appendix that provide a template for strategists.
  • Concepts of strategic commitment, opportunism, and adaptability.
  • Growing the business by energizing the business, leveraging the business, creating new business, and going global.
  • Bases of a value proposition and strong brands.
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