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Because Teaching Matters, 2nd Edition

January 2009, ©2009
Because Teaching Matters, 2nd Edition (EHEP000273) cover image


Real challenges. Real choices. And very real consequences. That's what today's classrooms are about.

That's why Marleen Pugach's Because Teaching Matter: An Introduction to the Profession 2e is all about depicting today’s classrooms as they truly are, while at the same time highlighting the enormous impact teachers have on students’ lives.

Organized around five professional commitments – from learning from multiple sources of knowledge, using the curriculum responsibly, and embracing diversity, to meeting the needs of individual students and contributing actively to the profession – Because Teaching Matter: An Introduction to the Profession 2e tells the true story of today’s complex classrooms. But there’s more. It also drives home that though the decision to teach is a serious one, it is one that can be extremely rewarding.

Current research; practical discussions; and realistic cases capture the breadth and depth of the modern teaching experience, while a warm, engaging writing style make the text a pleasure to read.

Ideal for Foundations of Education and Introduction to Teaching courses designed to provide preservice teachers with an overview of the profession.  

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Table of Contents

1. Teaching: A Career That Makes a Difference.

Commitment #1: Learning from Multiple Sources of Knowledge throughout Your Career.

2. Putting What You Already Know About Teaching into Perspective.

3. Learning to Teach: What Does it Mean?

4. Learning from the History and Philosophy of Education.

Commitment #2: Using the Curriculum Responsibly.

5. Deciding What to Teach.

6. More Than What is Taught: School as a Social Institution.

Commitment #3: Crossing Your Own Familiar Borders to Embrace Diversity.

7. Teaching Students Whose Race, Class Culture or Language Differs From your Own.

8. Teaching Students with Disabilities.

Commitment #4: Meeting the Needs of Individual Students in the Context of the Classroom and the School.

9. Organizing Good Classrooms and Good Schools.

10. How Governing and Financing Schools Influence Teachers' Work.

Commitment #5: Contributing Actively to The Profession.

11. Ethical and Legal Issues in the Work of Teaching.

12. Becoming a Teacher: New Visions and Next Steps.

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New To This Edition

  • Teachscape Video Case Material: detailed case studies that include authentic classroom footage, lesson plans, student artifacts, activities, and expert commentary.
  • The second edition will include a chapter on the history and philosophy of education, as well as including "Historical and Philosophical Notes" throughout.
  • Rewards and Challenges of Teaching: profile of practicing teachers and their experiences in the classroom.
  • Youre turn to ... Review: helps to break the chapter content into manageable chunks and tests students understanding of the concepts previously read.
  • Guiding Questions: point the way into each chapter.
  • Second edition available with a paperback binding.
  • Thoroughly updated with increased coverage of technology, rural schools, LGBT issues and more.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Text reinforces the five commitments with cases of authentic teachers in real classrooms, showing best practices in action and the quality of learning that takes place.
  • Chapter-Opening Dialogues: brief dialogues between a novice and veteran teacher where, together, they solve a classroom dilemma.
  • A Case in Point: provides teacher, classroom, or school-based examples of the concepts discussed in the chapter.
  • Your Turn ... to Reflect: asks students to stop and reflect individually or in groups about an issue or topic that has been raised.
  • Digging Deeper: presents the pro and con positions for a series of education-related controversies.
  • Historical and Philosophical Notes: each chapter contains both a historical and philosophical note that is presented in the context of the chapter topic.
  • Why it Counts: a brief commentary is presented at the end of each chapter on the relevance of the chapter topic.
  • Exploring Your Commitment: includes four types of activities: In the Field, On your Own, On the Web, and In the Research.
  • INTASC Connection: with cross-references to chapter content.
  • Critical Terms, Historical and Philosophical Notes, and Guidelines for Beginning Teachers.
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