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Microeconomics as a Second Language

January 2009, ©2010
Microeconomics as a Second Language (EHEP000311) cover image


Microeconomics as a Second Language, a volume in Wiley's bestselling Second Language series, is a study and review guide for undergraduate students taking courses in Principles of Microeconomics or for any student who needs a refresher course on the fundamental concepts.

As a professor of the Principles of Economics course at University of California, Berkeley for more than ten years, Martha Olney incorporates her insights and experience in the classroom into this concise text. Olney provides students with the "language" of economics in a easily accessible approach to better understand these difficult concepts. 

Microeconomics as a Second Language can be used as a supplement to any Principles textbook, or as an innovative study guide for students who need a problem-solving approach to understanding this course.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Economics Tools – Math and Graphing.

Chapter 2: Production Possibilities Frontier, Economic Growth, and Gains from Trade.

Chapter 3: Demand and Supply.

Chapter 4: Extensions of the Demand and Supply Model.

Chapter 5: Consumer Theory

Chapter 6: Perfectly Competitive Firms.

Chapter 7: Imperfect Competition.

Chapter 8: Market Failure: Externalities and Public Goods.

Chapter 9: Factor Markets.

Answers to "TRY" Questions


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The Wiley Advantage

  • Opening chapter key concepts: Each chapter begins with a list of key terms and concepts, graphs, and equations covered in the chapter, to keep the student on track.
  • “TIP” Notes:   Each chapter is highlighted with tricks for remembering key concepts or commons errors to avoid.
  • “TRY” Questions: These questions give students the chance to test what they’ve learned throughout the book. Answers to all the “TRY” questions can be found in the back of the book.
  • Standard organization: The author organized this title in the same order as standard economics textbooks to facilitate its use as a supplement.
  • Emphasis on Fundamentals: Olney ‘cuts right to the chase’ by focusing in on the concepts, assumptions, and models essential to the students’ overall understanding of Microeconomics.
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Microeconomics as a Second Language
ISBN : 978-0-470-43373-7
176 pages
January 2009, ©2010
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