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Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives, 7th Edition

September 2009, ©2010
Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives, 7th Edition (EHEP000328) cover image


Multicultural Education: Issues and Perspectives, Seventh Edition, is designed to help current and future educators acquire the concepts, paradigms, and explanations needed to become effective practitioners in culturally, racially, and linguistically diverse in today’s classrooms and schools. This revision reflects current and emerging research, concepts, and debates about the education of students from both genders and from different cultural, racial, ethnic, and language groups. Exceptionality is a part the concept of diversity because there are exceptional students in each group discussed in this book.

Organized in six parts, the book discusses specific issues that are highlighted in the multicultural education course and allows students to go directly to the sections of it that will provide them with the information they need.

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Table of Contents

Part I. Issues and Concepts 1

Chapter 1. Multicultural Education: Characteristics and Goals 3

Chapter 2. Culture is Society and in Educational Practices 31

Chapter 3. Race, Class, Gender, and Disability in the Classroom 61

Part II. Social Class and Religion 85

Chapter 4. Social Class and Educational Equality 87

Chapter 5. Christian Nation or Pluralistic Culture: Religion in American Life 110

Part III. Gender 133

Chapter 6. Gender Bias: From Colonial America to Today's Classrooms 135

Chapter 7. Classrooms for Diversity: Rethinking Curriculum and Pedagogy 164

Chapter 8. Transforming the Curriculum: Teaching about Women of Color 186

Part IV. Race, Ethnicity, and Language 209

Chapter 9. Educational Equality for Students of Color 211

Chapter 10. Approaches to Multicultural Curriculum Reform 242

Chapter 11. The Colorblind Perspectives in School: Causes and Consequences 265

Chapter 12. Language Diversity and Education 289

Part V. Exceptionality 315

Chapter 13. Educational Equality for Students with Disabilities 317

Chapter 14. School Inclusion and Multicultural Issues in Special Education 350

Chapter 15. Recruiting and Retaining Gifted Students from Diverse Ethnic, Cultural, and Language Groups 379

Part VI. School Reform 399

Chapter 16. School Reform and Student Learning: A Multicultural Perspective 401

Chapter 17. Families and Teachers Working Together for School Improvement 421

Appendix: Multicultural Resources 443

Index 457

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New To This Edition

  • Chapter 8, a new chapter in the text, describes how race and gender interact as opposed to being separate variables.
  • Chapter 9, also new to this edition, examines the role of queer studies as well as sexual and gender minorities in multicultural education.
  • The Multicultural Resources in the Appendix have been fully revised and updated.
  • A new section on Sexual and Gender Minorities has been added to the Appendix.
  • The Glossary has been updated to incorporate new census data as well as developments in the field.
  • New co-authors for chapters 14 and 16 bring new insights, information, and perspectives to the chapters.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Leading authors in the field offer their perspectives on Multicultural Education.
  • Edited reader providing the most up-to-date research in the field.
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