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Human Geography in Action, 5th Edition

September 2009, ©2010
Human Geography in Action, 5th Edition (EHEP000330) cover image


The new fifth edition enhances coverage in the field by enabling economists and political geographers to work online with GIS maps, spreadsheets, simulations, and animated graphs. The book has been updated to use maps of traditional foods and vernacular phrases for soft drinks to illustrate culture regions. Expanded discussions of migration include a look at international immigration. New material is also presented on the local food movement and the breakdown in negotiations for agricultural trade agreements at the Doha trade summit. In addition, economists and political geographers will find key terms throughout the chapters such as creative class, outsourcing, substitution of capital for labor, and transit-oriented development.
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Table of Contents

Preface for the Instructor vii

Preface for the Student xv


True Maps, False Impressions:

Making, Manipulating, and Interpreting Maps

Introduction 1

Case Study 11

Activity 1: Scale 15

Activity 2: Thematic Maps 21

Definitions of Key Terms 32


Layers of Tradition:

Culture Regions at Different Scales

Introduction 34

Case Study 40

Activity 1: Mapping Culture Regions 49

Activity 2: Culture Traits of Your Culture Sub-region 53

Activity 3: Regional Imagery 57

Definitions of Key Terms 60


Tracking the AIDS Epidemic in the United States:

Diffusion through Space and Time

Introduction 62

Case Study 70

Activity 1: Mapping Diffusion of AIDS 75

Activity 2: AIDS Rates and Distance from

Initial Centers 79

Activity 3: S-Curves 83

Definitions of Key Terms 86


Newton's First Law of Migration:

The Gravity Model

Introduction 89

Case Study 97

Activity 1: Predicting Migration with the Gravity Model 10

Activity 2: Scatter Diagram 105

Activity 3: Residual Map 107

Activity 4: Evaluation 109

Definitions of Key Terms 110


One Billion and Counting:

The Hidden Momentum of Population

Growth in India

Introduction 112

Case Study 122

Activity 1: Matching Demographic Descriptions with

Population Pyramids 127

Activity 2: Demographic Momentum 129

Activity 3: Interpreting Population Change 135

Definitions of Key Terms 136


Help Wanted:

The Changing Geography of Jobs

Introduction 137

Case Study 148

Activity 1: Regional Economic Specialization 153

Activity 2: Regional Multipliers 173

Definitions of Key Terms 175


Rags and Riches:

The Dimensions of Development

Introduction 177

Case Study 194

Activity 1: Economic Model of Development 201

Activity 2: Human Welfare Model of Development 203 1

Activity 3: Comparing Economic Development and Human

Welfare Development Models 205

Activity 4: Alternative Indicators of Development 209

Definitions of Key Terns 213


Food for Thought:

The Globalization of Agriculture

Introduction 215

Case Study 223

Activity 1: Agricultural Landscapes and

Production Methods 227

Activity 2: Global Sources for Your

Local Supermarket 235

Activity 3: Remote Sensing and Agricultural

Land-Use Change 239

Definitions of Key Terms 247


Take Me Out to the Ball Game:

Market Areas and the Urban Hierarchy

Introduction 249

Case Study 254

Activity 1: Threshold of a Function 261

Activity 2: Market Area Geography 267

Definitions of Key Terms 277


Reading the Urban Landscape:

Census Data and Field Observation

Introduction 278

Case Study 289

Activity 1: Census Tract Data 291

Activity 2: Field Survey 297

Definitions of Key Terms 301


The Disappearing Front Range:

Urban Sprawl in Colorado

Introduction 303

Case Study 313

Activity 1: Transportation and Urban Growth 317

Activity 2: Urban Sprawl Scenario Analysis 321

Activity 3: Urban Sprawl Debate and Consensus

Building 325

Definitions of Key Terms 331


Do Orange and Green Clash?

Residential Segregation in Northern Ireland

Introduction 333

Case Study 338

Activity 1: Mapping Religious Affiliation 343

Activity 2: Index of Segregation 347

Definitions of Key Terms 354


Breaking Up Is Hard to Do:

Nations, States, and Nation-States

Introduction 356

Case Study 365

Activity 1: The Rise of Nationalism and the Fall of

Yugoslavia 367

Activity 2: Iraqaphobia 393

Definitions of Key Terms 442


Preserving the Planet:

Human Impact on Environmental Systems

Introduction 444

Case Study 460

Activity I: Environmental Impacts (IPAT) by Development

Category 465

Activity 2: Human-Environment Systems Analysis 471

Activity 3: Conflicting Viewpoints on Environmental

Problems 473

Definitions of Key Terms 483


Reference Maps

North American Cities 485

North America 487

World Map 488

Index 491

Photo Credits 495

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New To This Edition

  • HGIA authors Kuby, Harner, and Gober have spent the last two years adapting and modifying HGIA?s activities to WileyPlus (online assessment platform). All of the activities, including those that used to be done with paper and pencil, are now computerized, and most of the formerly open-ended written questions have been converted to objective-type questions that are graded instantly and automatically.

 Improvements, additions and expansions have been made in the following chapters, on the following topics;

  • Chapter 2 now uses maps of traditional foods and vernacular phrases for soft drinks to illustrate culture regions.
  • Chapter 4 expands the discussion of migration to include international immigration.
  • Chapter 8 now contrasts the globalization of agriculture with new material on the local food movement and added discussion of the breakdown in negotiations for agricultural trade agreements at the Doha trade summit resulting from the developing world?s protest of agricultural subsidies in the United States and Europe.
  • Improvements have been made to the central place theory diagrams and discussion in Chapter 9.
  • Chapter 11 updates the discussion of urban planning policies and ideas to control sprawl and data for the case study.
  • Chapter 12 now includes population pyramids for Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland.
  • Events in Iraq and the former Yugoslavia have been updated to the current situation in Chapter 13.
  • The case study on global warming in Chapter 14 has been supplemented with a discussion of Pacala and Socolow?s landmark 2004 paper in Science on the scale of the measures needed to hold CO2 emissions constant at the 2004 level. In keeping with the evolution of the global warming debate from ?whether or not?? to ?what can we do about it?? the authors have added Pacala and Socolow?s famous diagram of the seven CO2 reductions ?wedges.?
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The Wiley Advantage

  • 14 stimulating chapters challenge students to collect, manipulate, display and interpret geographic information and data.
  • Focuses on essential concepts; identifying the 5 to 10 most important ideas in each chapter while still including useful but brief background material.
  • Designed with flexibility in mind, each chapter is freestanding while built around a cohesive instructional program.
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