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Eccoci!, Euro Edition

January 2004, ©2004
Eccoci!, Euro Edition (EHEP000516) cover image


Eccoci! is a comprehensive beginning Italian program that features innovative student-oriented materials and learning goals. Grounded in what we believe is the most effective methodology, Eccoci! has been conceived and developed to provide sound language learning, dynamic interaction, and flexibility.

Because students learn best from materials that are fun, interesting, and relevant, the activities, readings, and authentic documents in Eccoci! foster creativity and encourage the use of Italian in meaningful, everyday situations while promoting cultural awareness and appreciation. Student learning, in fact, is supported throughout the book. Eccoci! is the first Italian textbook structured for manageable teaching and learning at different institutions. Its innovative presentation of grammar?in separate sections called Grammatica and Espansione grammaticale?offers both fundamental structures and optional, expanded grammatical explanations.

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Table of Contents

Capitolo Preliminaire.

Capitolo 1: L'università.

Capitolo 2: Il mondo del lavoro.

Capitolo 3: La famiglia italiana.

Capitolo 4: Le compere: negozi e mercati.

Capitolo 5: La donna italiana.

Capitolo 6: Le vacanze.

Capitolo 7: Il tempo libero: i passatempi e lo sport.

Capitolo 8: Il carnevale.

Capitolo 9: Le feste italiane.

Capitolo 10: Il cinema italiano.

Capitolo 11: Il cibo i ristoranti.

Capitolo 12: L'arte.

Capitolo 13: La moda.

Capitolo 14: La città e i monumenti.

Capitolo 15: L'ecologia e l'ambiente.

Capitolo 16: La musica e le canzoni.

Capitolo 17: I mezzi di comunicazione.

Capitolo 18: Gli italiani in America.



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The Wiley Advantage

A pair of striking photos announce the chapter region and theme. A geographical photo is accompanied by basic information about the region while a thematic photo introduces the communication goals, the grammatical structures, and the cultural topic. The photos may be used as a warm-up or as an end-of-chapter activity.

Per cominciare
This presents the thematic vocabulary and grammatical structures, which become the active material for the chapter, in two meaningful contexts: via an illustrated text or authentic document and via a dialogue (or dialogues), called Incontri.

Nota culturale
Presents topics related to the chapter theme. Specific terms are explained or pertinent statistics are provided at the outset, preparing students to understand and discuss the text. Each Nota culturale is followed by a set of comprehension questions or discussion points.

Is divided into several manageable sections, each built around the specific function the grammar serves. The structure iteself is introduced in context via a set of sample sentences. Each grammar explanation is followed by a set of Attivita, which progress from controlled manipulation of the structure to open-ended communication, with ample opportunity for student interaction in pairs and groups.


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Instructors Resources
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Test Bank
Tests chapter structure, vocabulary, and cultural information.
Provides a transcript of the laboratory and audio program.
Instructor's Companion Website
Password-protected website containing course materials, instructor resources and annotations.
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Students Resources
Wiley Student Companion Site
Available Materials
by Paola Blelloch, Rosetta D'Angelo, Ugo Skubikowski
November 1997, ©1997, Paperback
The Workbook portion is designed to practice vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing skills, while reinforcing classroom activity. The Laboratory Manual coordinates with the audio program and provides practice and reinforcement of the vocabulary and grammar for each chapter, as well as practice listening comprehension.
by Paola Blelloch, Rosetta D'Angelo
November 1997, ©1997, Audio
Consists of approximately 30 minutes of material per chapter, designed for use in the language laboratory.
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Eccoci!, Euro Edition
ISBN : 978-0-471-64717-1
512 pages
January 2004, ©2004
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