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Guiding Learning With Technology, 1st Edition

Guiding Learning With Technology, 1st Edition (EHEP000525) cover image


Intended to support the entire teacher preparation program, this text is designed to help teachers guide their students in learning with multiple information and communication technologies -- both existing and emerging. The text challenges thinking in ways that will stimulate interest, preparation, and continued learning in guiding students as they learn with technology. Great focus is placed on preparation of teaching content that develops a strong integrated knowledgebase about technology, teaching content with technology, and incorporating sound teaching and learning practices with technologies as integral learning tools.
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Table of Contents


PART I Preparing Teachers to Guide Learning with Technology in the Twenty-first Century 1

CHAPTER 1 Teaching in the Twenty-first Century 2

CHAPTER 2 Technology Standards for Teachers 15

CHAPTER 3 Learning and Knowledge in the Twenty-first Century 34

CHAPTER 4 Technology Standards for Students 51

PART II Connecting Technology with Learning 75

CHAPTER 5 Writing and Word Processing 76

CHAPTER 6 Spreadsheets 98

CHAPTER 7 The Internet and Databases 129

CHAPTER 8 Multimedia and Media Literacy 160

CHAPTER 9 Hypermedia and Web Authoring 186

CHAPTER 10 Responding to Emerging Technologies 212

PART III Connecting Technology with Teaching 237

CHAPTER 11 Models and Strategies for Technology-Infused Lessons 238

CHAPTER 12 Designing, Implementing, and Reflecting on Instruction with Technology 257

CHAPTER 13 Assessing Learning with Technology 277

PART IV Standards, Links, and Matrices 297

Appendix A. National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS T) and Students (NETS S) 299

Appendix B. Connecting the INTASC Principles and the NETS Teacher Technology Standards 303

Appendix C. Aligning the English/Language Arts Standards with the National Educational Technology Standards and Performance Indicators for Students 307

Appendix D. Curriculum Area Professional Organizations and Website Links 313

Appendix E. In the Classroom Activities Matrix 315

Appendix F. Technology Links Matrix 323

Appendix G. Glossary 327

Appendix H. References 333

Name Index 339

Subject Index 343

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The Wiley Advantage

  • Classroom Snapshots: Vignettes that provide a look into the classroom where technology is enhancing learning.
  • Focus on TPCK: TPCK describes the knowledgebase that teachers need when using technology in classroom.
  • NETS-S Standards: Current standards for both students and teachers are interwoven throughout the text.
  • Each chapter focuses on integrating technologies in subject matter as students learn with the technology.
  • Includes instructional ideas for integrating learning about technologies in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.
  • Multimedia Literacy: Curriculum focused toward multiple media applications in identifying and developing literacy for the 21st century.
  • In the Classroom Matrix: Summarizes all activities in the text, describing the content and grade level.
  • Technology Links: Publisher website provides current links to key websites referred to in the text.
  • End of Chapter Activities: Supported by sets of annotated resources to guide student activities beyond the chapter.
  • Chapter Learning Objectives: Prepare students for reading and applying the ideas in each chapter.
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