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Visualizing Elementary Social Studies Methods, 1st Edition

September 2007, ©2008
Visualizing Elementary Social Studies Methods, 1st Edition (EHEP000639) cover image
This debut edition of Visualizing Elementary Social Studies offers students a unique way to explore issues and ideas about how to teach social studies using text, pictures, and graphics brought together in a stimulating and thoughtful design.

In this book, content and pedagogy are blended to take advantage of the rich visual context that National Geographic images provide. Students who use this book will explore central teacher education topics in elementary social studies along with concepts and ideas from social studies disciplines including history, geography, political science, economics and behavioral sciences.

Visualizing Elementary Social Studies is infused with explorations of how to teach in subject matter contexts given the democratic purposes of social studies.

This Wiley Visualizing title is a unique book that combines Wiley’s expertise in creating top quality textbooks with rich visual resources such as photographs, maps, illustrations, diagrammatic art, and videos, and the content and teaching expertise of new and current authors and unique partnerships. Visualizing Elementary Social Studies relies heavily on the integration of these visuals with text to elucidate concepts for students and solidify their understanding of them. The goal is to help students understand the world around them and interpret what they see in a meaningful, accurate and exciting way. The content, design and layout of the titles take advantage of the full capacity in which students process information – visual as well as verbal.  

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1. What is Social Studies?

2. Reflective Social Studies Teaching.

3. Inquiry in Social Studies.

4. Standards, Curriculum, and Testing.

5. Teaching for Historical Understanding.

6. Teaching for Geographic Awareness.

7. Teaching for Civic Competency.

8. Direct Teaching and Learning.

9. Interactive Teaching and Learning.

10. Literacy in Social Studies.

11. Planning for Active Student Learning.

12. Teaching Social Studies in a Diverse Society.

13. Assessing Learning.

14. Promoting Student Learning with Technology.

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John Lee is an associate professor of social studies education at North Carolina State University. His research and teaching are focused on methods of instruction and pedagogical content knowledge.
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  • Visualizing features: Multi-part visual spreads that focus on a key issue, concept, or topic in the chapter, exploring it in detail or in broader context using a combination of photos.
  • Chapter Introductions: Illustrate a particular idea with relevant stories, as a way to heighten and initiate consideration of the chapter theme.
  • Unique Lesson Plans include illustrations, photos and maps that are focused on authentic, curriculum-based subject matter for elementary audiences.
  • Process Diagrams: Diagrams and figures presented along with photos or illustrations that describe and depict a complex process.
  • In the Classroom: Features specific events or a series of events from an elementary classroom that highlight a specific idea from each chapter.
  • Social and Cultural Explorations: Focuses on social studies methods and issues through the lens of culture and society using images of people from various countries.
  • What is Happening in This Picture?: An end-of-chapter feature that presents students with a photograph paired with questions designed to stimulate creative thinking.
  • Critical and Creative Thinking Questions: Encourage critical thinking and highlight each chapter's important concepts and applications.
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