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Web Programming: Building Internet Applications, 3rd Edition

May 2006, ©2006
Web Programming: Building Internet Applications, 3rd Edition (EHEP000879) cover image
Web programming is about more than creating and formatting webpages and websites, though that is often a starting point for many. Using scripting languages such as JavaScript, Perl and PH,  it becomes possible to add a lot more functionality to a site.

This book teaches the essentials of working with the most important web technologies. From client development using HTML and Javascript, through to full server side applications written in ASP and Perl, the complete web system is shown. Concentrating on immediately useful code rather than theory, this is a how-to book for practical and project based courses. The broad scope covered by this book begins by creating reasonably simple webpages with HTML, then working through related document and content tagging systems such as dynamic HTML and eventually XML.

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1. Introduction.

Part I.  HTML.

2. Hypertext Markup Language.

3. More HTML.

Part II.  Stylesheets.

4. Cascading Stylesheets.

5. Cascading Style Sheets Two.

Part III.  JavaScript.

6. An Introduction to JavaScript.

7. Objects in JavaScript.

8. Dynamic HTML with JavaScript.

Part IV.  Perl.

9. Programming in Perl 5.

10. CGI Scripting.

11. Building Web Applications With Perl.

Part V. PHP.

12. An Introduction to PHP.

13. Building Web Applications With PHP.

Part VI.  Miscellany.

14. XML: Defining Data for Web Applications.

15. Good Design.

16. Protocols.

17. Case Study.

Part VII.  Appendices.


Appendix A: Accessing a Database From PHP Using mysqli .

Appendix B: Accessing a Database From PHP Using Pear DB.

Appendix C: HTML Color Codes.

Appendix D: HTML Entities.


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Chris Bates has been teaching a web programming course for several years to a large and diverse group of students during which he has created and refined the examples and exercises used in the book.
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  • More exercises at the close of each chapter and solutions on the website
  • A more design-oriented view of CSS and styling, including examples
  • Increased coverage of PHP
  • New chapter on database design and configuration
  • Coverage of RSS feeds and web services
  • Two new case studies added
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  •  Multi-tool coverage of Dynamic HTML, XHTML, XML, Perl, CGI Scripts, JavaScript, and PHP avoids necessity of reading a book per application
  • Practical and hands-on guidance is always backed up by strong examples
  • Paced for students with some, but not extensive, programming experience
  • Examples are plentiful, practical and well illustrated
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'This book covers the wide variety of topics needed by our students' John Durrant, Ravensbourne College of Design

'A clear and methodical approach to web programming.' Marilyn Watson-Peck, University of Sunderland

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Web Programming: Building Internet Applications, 3rd Edition
ISBN : 978-0-470-01775-3
678 pages
May 2006, ©2006
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