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Customer Intelligence: From Data to Dialogue

January 2006, ©2006
Customer Intelligence: From Data to Dialogue (EHEP000885) cover image


Developed from the authors' experience working with firms seeking to build better business intelligence, The Customer Information Wars is concerned with who will own and control information about customers and who will develop the best skills and capabilities to exploit it for competitive advantage. At its core, it attempts to explain why the "age of information" has failed to live up to its own hype of specialization, personalization over homogenization, and consistently satisfying customers.
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Table of Contents

Foreword by Malcolm McDonald.



Part I: The Decade of Customer Information Exploitation: 1990–2000.

Chapter 1: The Concept of Customer Intelligence: From Product to Customer.

Chapter 2: Achieving an Intelligence Capability: From Data to Knowledge.

Chapter 3: The Eclipse of Mass Marketing: From Many to One.

Chapter 4: Achieving Segmentation and Differentiation: From Fuzzy to Focused.

Part II: The Decade of Customer Information Exchange: 2000–2010.

Chapter 5: The Collapse of Time: From Lapsed to Real.

Chapter 6: Customer Privacy and Confidentiality: From Surveillance to Permission.

Chapter 7: Closing the Loop: From Monologue to Dialogue.

Chapter 8: The New Practice of Marketing: From Selling to Buying.



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Author Information

Seán Kelly is an author, lecturer, software engineer and international business consultant who has founded a number of separate businesses in the field of customer intelligence and information exploitation. Seán was formerly head of the European business intelligence division of Sybase Inc. and was a founder of the prestigious Data Warehouse network. His groundbreaking book Data Warehousing: The route to mass customization, published by Wiley in the early 1990s, was a major influence on the tide of business intelligence investment that occurred in the following decade. Seán is now involved in a new enterprise, based in Ireland, that is devoted to customer segmentation and profiling solutions.
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"Kelly's elegant, jargon-free style and compelling arguments make the work read like a whodunnit..." (Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice, March 2006)

"...this book is indispensable" (The Marketer, April 2006)

"it should still prove equally inspiring [as his previous book, Data Warehousing]" (Information Age, April 2006)

 "...succeeds in crystallising a radical change in marketing...." (Journal of Direct Data & Digital Marketing Practise, June 2006)

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Customer Intelligence: From Data to Dialogue
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276 pages
January 2006, ©2006
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