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Adolescence, Risk and Resilience: Against the Odds

John Coleman (Editor), Ann Hagell (Editor)
January 2008, ©2006
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Adolescence is often portrayed as an age of particular risk. Adolescents are not only considered a risk to themselves, but also to the rest of society, through antisocial behaviour, teenage pregnancy, and social exclusion. As a society we are nervous of them, and consider them vulnerable, yet the seeds of successful and independent adult life are laid down in adolescence and they need all the help and support that they can get at a challenging time.

This book looks in depth at some of the key risks faced by adolescents, and at some of the ways in which they can be alleviated. Some children are more resilient than others, even if they experience the same patterning of risk factors. Practitioners can aim to help families and other agencies to foster and bolster protective factors in the young peoples' lives. Key adults in the family can perhaps become mentors and thus substitute for shortfalls in parenting. While it is often a source of stress and exclusion, education also has a role in providing positive experiences and much needed structure. Researchers have also highlighted the importance of "turning points", such as moving out of a neighbourhood, which may interrupt the flow from risk factors to poor outcomes. We can begin to untangle some of the "knock on" effects that act to increase risk, and doing this brings opportunities for intervention.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Nature of Risk and Resilience in Adolescence 1
John Coleman and Ann Hagell

Chapter 2 The Role of the Family 17
Catherine O’Brien and Jacqueline Scott

Chapter 3 Growing Up in Substitute Care: Risk and Resilience Factors for Looked-after Young People and Care Leavers 41
Sue Mills and Nick Frost

Chapter 4 Sex and Risk 63
Jennifer J. Pearce

Chapter 5 Mental Health and Mental Disorders 89
Panos Vostanis

Chapter 6 Young Disabled People 107
Kirsten Stalker

Chapter 7 Anti-social Behaviour 125
Ann Hagell

Chapter 8 Social Exclusion, Risk and Young Adulthood 143
Robert MacDonald

Chapter 9 Adolescence, Risk and Resilience: A Conclusion 165
John Coleman and Ann Hagell

References 175

Index 191

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Author Information

Dr John Coleman O.B.E is Founder of the Trust for the Study of Adolescence. He has written widely in this field, and is the former editor of the Journal of Adolescence. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Educational Studies, University of Oxford.

Dr Ann Hagell is Co-Director of the Policy Research Bureau, an independent social policy centre focusing children, families and at-risk adolescents.

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