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International Business, 8th Edition

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International Business, 8th edition enables students to become better, more successful participants in the global business place.  The internationally cited author team of Czinkota, Ronkainen, and Moffet balance conceptual understanding and knowledge of day-to-day realities.  Covering all key aspects of international business, the authors emphasize a few key dimensions: international context, role of government in international business, small-and medium-sized firms, and social responsibility.

This new edition is even more global and user-friendly.  Now organized into five parts, students can more clearly make connections between introductory material, the international environment, marketing, and financial considerations in the international marketplace.  A truly global presentation draws on worldwide examples, trends, and data, and includes an exemplary case selection based on firms from around the world, from Vietnam and Russia, to Iceland and Turkey.  With this new Wiley edition of International Business, students will better understand the intricacies of international marketplace, and be better versed in theory, policy, and strategic aspects of global economy. 

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The International Business Imperative


Chapter 2 Trade and Investment

Chapter 3 The Theory of Trade and Investment

Chapter 4 The Balance of Payments

Part II Cases:

Iceland 2006: A Small Country in a Global Capital Market

The Venezuelan Bolivar Black Market

Will Tire Tariffs Launch a Trade Dispute?

The Catfish Dispute


Chapter 5 Culture

Chapter 6 Politics and Law

Chapter 7 Financial Markets

Chapter 8 Economic Integration, Emerging and Developing markets

Part III Cases:

Mattel's Chinese Sourcing Crisis of 2007

Nine Dragon's Paper

The H1-B

The Banana Wars

MG Rover Plant


Chapter 9 Strategic Planning

Chapter 10 Corporate Governance and Reform,

Chapter 11 Coordination, Implementation, and Control (incl. Knowledge Transfer)

Chapter 12 Building the Knowledge Base (Research Tools)

Chapter 13 Entry and Expansion

Part IV Cases

Koch Industries Acquires Georgia Pacific

Petroleum Development and The Curse of Oil

Honey Land

Tao kae noi Seaweed Snack


Chapter 14 Marketing

Chapter 15 Services

Chapter 16 Logistics

Chapter 17 Financial Management

Chapter 18 Human Resource Management

Chapter 19 New Horizons

Part V Cases:

Nova Macedonia

Porsche Changes Tack

When Diamonds Weep

The Market Entry Strategy Social Approach

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New To This Edition

  • New and improved topic coverage and organization: The 8th edition is organized to flow logically from introductory material to the international environment to marketing and financial considerations on the marketplace.
  • Focus on the international manager: Special attention has been given to topics critical to the international manager.
  • Current coverage: Most current text and resources reflect on recent controversies in international business
  • Business Weekly Update Site: Each week you will find links to 5 new articles, video clips, business news stories, and so much more with discussion questions to elaborate on the stories in the classroom. http://wileybusinessupdates.com/
  • Geodiscoveries for Intl Business: Enhance your geographic literacy with Wiley's online world map activities
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Blend of current theory and application: Gives students the understanding of concepts and how to apply them
  • Emphasis on governmental involvement: The author team's Washington location gives them the unique ability to follow, analyze, and incorporate government
  • Focus on small-and medium-sized firms: These firms are emerging as significant players in international field
  • Research emphasis: Students now have the information and tools to conduct further research in the international business field
  • Geographic literacy: The text includes many colorful maps covering social, economic, and political features of the world
  • Exemplary case selection: Help to further link theory and practice and questions engage students in critical thinking
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Instructors Resources
Wiley Instructor Companion Site
Instructors Resource Manual
Offers helpful teaching ideas, advice on course development, sample assignments, and chapter-by-chapter text highlights, learning objectives, lecture outlines, class exercises, lecture notes, answers to end-of-chapter material, and tips on using cases.
Test Bank
The test bank contains approx. 150 questions per chapter, including multiple choice, true/false, and short essay questions with suggested responses.
Computerized Test Bank (CTB)
Content from the test bank has been imported into a test generating program so that instructors can customize their exams.
PowerPoint Slides
Provides outlines for each chapter as well as all illustrations from the text. A key visual enhancement and learning aid for students in the classroom.
International Business Calendar
Provides daily tips for discussion
Instructor’s Companion Website
Videos t/a International Business, Eighth Edition
 Set of short video clips (available in WileyPLUS and on the Instructor Companion Site) from CBS News helps students visualize critical issues discussed in the cases and provides an excellent starting point for lectures and general classroom discussion.
New Management Weekly Updates
Keep you and your students updated and informed on the very latest in business news stories. Each week you will find links to 5 new articles, video clips, business news stories, and so much more with discussion questions to elaborate on the stories in the classroom. http://wileymanagementupdates.com
CBS Video Teaching Guide
Map Quizzes for International Business
YouTube Video Guide
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Students Resources
Wiley Student Companion Site
Student Companion Website
Map Quizzes for International Business
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