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Human Resource Management, 2nd Edition

September 2010, ©2011
Human Resource Management, 2nd Edition (EHEP001717) cover image


Stewart and Brown's Human Resource Management: Linking Strategy to Practice 2e is designed to help students understand traditional human resource concepts within a decision-making framework. Throughout the book, the authors emphasize how organizations excel when they have consistent human resource practices that align with their strategic direction. The strategic perspective is critical for both business and management majors, since most will work as managers with the charge to lead and direct others. Understanding the strategic benefits of good human resource management can help future managers better secure and motivate talented employees.

Human Resource Management: Linking Strategy to Practice 2e illustrates how specific human resource practices help increase organizational effectiveness.

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Table of Contents

PART 1 Seeing People as a Strategic Resource.

Chapter 1 Creating Value Through Human Resources.

Chapter 2 Making Human Resource Management Strategic.

Chapter 3 Ensuring Equal Employment Opportunity and Safety.

PART 2 Securing Effective Employees.

Chapter 4 Designing Productive and Satisfying Work.

Chapter 5 Recruiting Talented Employees.

Chapter 6 Selecting Employees Who Fit.

Chapter 7 Managing Employee Retention and Separation.

PART 3 Improving Employee Performance.

Chapter 8 Measuring Performance and Providing Feedback.

Chapter 9 Training for Improved Performance.

Chapter 10 Developing Employees and Their Careers.

PART 4 Motivating and Managing Employees.

Chapter 11 Motivating Employees Through Compensation.

Chapter 12 Designing Compensation and Benefit Packages.

Chapter 13 Working Effectively with Labor.

Chapter 14 Aligning Strategy with Practice.

APPENDICES (available online at http://www.wiley.com/college/sc/stewart)

Appendix A Occupational Outlook for HR Managers and Specialists.

Appendix B Human Resource Certification Institute Bodies of Knowledge.

Appendix C Human Resource Planning Society Knowledge Areas.

Appendix D Major Employment Laws in the United States.

Appendix E Organizations of Interest to HR Students and Professionals.

Appendix F Journals Useful to HR Students and Professionals.


Name and Company Index.

Subject Index.

Photo Credits.

Appendix Summary.

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New To This Edition

  • New research: Supports the benefits of aligning human resource practice with organizational strategy is included.
  • Updated case examples: Reflect innovative ideas being carried out in contemporary organizations.
  • Diverse workforce and competitive advantage: Chapter 3 has been significantly revised to better reflect the competitive advantage that can be gained by developing a diverse workforce.
  • New HR Video Series: Video clips from CBS and BBC news utilize real world companies to illustrate human resource management concepts as outlined in the text.
  • Updated HR Appendices: expand on key HR resources such as Occupational Outlook for HR Managers and Specialists, Human Resource Certification Institute Bodies of Knowledge, Human Resource Planning Society Knowledge Areas, Major Employment Laws in the United States, Organizations of Interest to HR Students and Professionals, Journals Useful to HR Students and Professionals
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Linking strategy to practice framework: Provides students with an understanding of traditional human resource concepts, and a framework for making decisions about when specific practices can be most beneficial to an organization.
  • Research made easy: Throughout the text the authors highlight in the How Do We Know section recently published research from scholarly journal in non-technical language. Each of the sections concludes with a "Bottom Line" summary that shows how the findings of the study contribute to our understanding of effective human resource management.
  • Real life scenarios engage students: Each chapter opens with a real-life scenario called A Manager's Perspective describing a decision faced by an individual employee, manager, or human resource professional. These scenarios highlight the importance of strategic decision making and revisited at the end of each chapter to reinforce key concepts.
  • HR Applied: Example Cases, Discussion Cases, Experiential Exercises, and Interactive Experiential Exercises offer a variety of ways for students to apply the concepts learned throughout the each chapter.
  • Building Strength through HR: Each chapter includes a discussion that illustrates how a specific company has used the concepts discussed in the chapter to increase effectiveness. Trader Joe's, Southwest Airlines, Marriott, and General Electric are just a few of the firms included in these examinations of strategic HR.
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Human Resource Management, 2nd Edition
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September 2010, ©2011
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