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Becoming a Master Manager: A Competing Values Approach, 5th Edition

Becoming a Master Manager: A Competing Values Approach, 5th Edition (EHEP001762) cover image


Becoming a Master Manager, 5th Edition by Quinn et al. is built on a solid foundation of both theory and empirical evidence that provides a compelling case for why critical managerial and leadership competencies are important. The competing values framework offers future managers an enduring foundation for analyzing the most appropriate behaviors for achieving organizational goals.

Becoming a Master Manager, 5th Edition is appropriate for management and organizational behavior courses offered at the upper-level undergraduate and MBA levels.

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Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION The Competing Values Approach to Management
The Evolution of Management Models
The Competing Values Framework
Organizing the Learning Process - ALAPA
Core Competency: Thinking Critically

MODULE 1 Creating and Sustaining Commitment and Cohesion
Competency 1-1 Understanding Self and Others
Competency 1-2 Communicating Honestly and Effectively
Competency 1-3 Mentoring and Developing Others
Competency 1-4 Managing Groups and Leading Teams
Competency 1-5 Managing and Encouraging Constructive Conflict

MODULE 2 Establishing and Maintaining Stability and Continuity
Competency 2-1 Organizing Information Flows
Competency 2-2 Working and Managing Across Functions
Competency 2-3 Planning and Coordinating Projects
Competency 2-4 Measuring and Monitoring Performance and Quality
Competency 2-5 Encouraging and Enabling Compliance

MODULE 3 Improving Productivity and Increasing Profitability
Competency 3-1 Developing and Communicating a Vision
Competency 3-2 Setting Goals and Objectives
Competency 3-3 Motivating Self and Others
Competency 3-4 Designing and Organizing
Competency 3-5 Managing Execution and Driving for Result

MODULE 4 Promoting Change and Encouraging Adaptability
Competency 4-1 Using Power Ethically and Effectively
Competency 4-2 Championing and Selling New Ideas
Competency 4-3 Fueling and Fostering Innovation
Competency 4-4 Negotiating Agreement and Commitment
Competency 4-5 Implementing and Sustaining Change

CONCLUSION Integration and the Road to Mastery
Integration and Behavioral Complexity
How Master Managers See the World
The Leveraging Power of Lift
The Never-ending Road to Mastery


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New To This Edition

  • Emphasis on the Concept of Managerial Paradox: Multiple tensions that managers face in the workplace today. Examples of paradoxes are included throughout the text.
  • New Organization: Four modules instead of eight chapters help students make connections between topics.
  • Evaluation Matrix Assignment: Now included at the end of each module to allow students to strategize for mastery at an earlier time.
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The Wiley Advantage

  • Managerial and leadership competing values framework: extensively researched theoretical framework is used to organize the material.
  • Flexible and coherent systems approach to learning about management skills.
  • A well established pedagogical approach to learning that includes assessment, learning analysis, practice, application, and reflection is used throughout the text.
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Instructors Resources
Wiley Instructor Companion Site
Instructor’s Manual
A fully revised Instructor's Manual is available with teaching notes for each chapter - as well as additional questions for student discussion
Test Bank
Test bank contains multiple choice questions, essay questions, exercises.
PowerPoint Slides
Enhances instructors’ presentation of the material and enhances students’ class experience.
Competing Values Skills Surveys
Web-based self-assessment tools for evaluating existing skills.
New Management Weekly Updates
Keep you and your students updated and informed on the very latest in business news stories. Each week you will find links to 5 new articles, video clips, business news stories, and so much more with discussion questions to elaborate on the stories in the classroom. http://wileymanagementupdates.com
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