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Management, 11th Edition

July 2012, ©2011
Management, 11th Edition (EHEP001765) cover image
John Schermerhorn's Management 11th edition is designed to help millennial students learn the core concepts, enhance career readiness, and see the relevance between management and the business world.  Inspire today's students to be good future managers by achieving the perfect balance of theory and practice in the principles of management course with John Schermerhorn's Management 11e.  Today's students are tomorrow's leaders and managers.

We've got you covered with the most current and multifaceted resources like Management Weekly Updates, videos, cases, self-assessments, and student exercises that will make your principles of management course come alive, whether in class or online. 

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CHAPTER 1 Introducing Management 1

CHAPTER 2 Management Learning Past to Present 27

CHAPTER 3 Ethics and Social Responsibility 51


CHAPTER 4 Environment, Sustainability, and Innovation 77

CHAPTER 5 Global Management and Cultural Diversity 103

CHAPTER 6 Entrepreneurship and New Ventures 131


CHAPTER 7 Information and Decision Making 155

CHAPTER 8 Planning Processes and Techniques 183

CHAPTER 9 Strategy and Strategic Management 205


CHAPTER 10 Organization Structures and Design 233

CHAPTER 11 Organization Culture and Change 257

CHAPTER 12 Human Resource Management 283


CHAPTER 13 Leading and Leadership Development 309

CHAPTER 14 Individual Behavior 335

CHAPTER 15 Motivation Theory and Practice 359

CHAPTER 16 Teams and Teamwork 385

CHAPTER 17 Communication and Collaboration 411


CHAPTER 18 Control Processes and Systems 439

CHAPTER 19 Operations and Services Management 461


Chapter Cases C-2

Running Video Case: GREENSBURG, KANSAS C-40

Self-Test Answers AN-1

Glossary G-1

Endnotes EN-1

Organizational Index OI-1

Name Index NI-1

Subject Index SI-1

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  • New Management Weekly Updates: Keep you and your students updated and informed on the very latest in business news stories. Each week you will find links to 5 new articles, video clips, business news stories, and so much more with discussion questions to elaborate on the stories in the classroom.
  • New Greensburg, KS Video Case: Provides an ongoing and video-supported look at developments in the economic renewal of a small town in middle America.
  • New Wiley Management Video Series: New videos of companies in the current news available for each chapter; complete with teaching notes.
  • New Ethics Emphasis: Ethics coverage has been moved to an earlier part in the book. All of the Real Ethics sections have been rewritten to reflect today's business environment.
  • New and Updated Cases: Cover organizations like Patagonia, Twitter, and Three Doctors Foundation
  • New Business Simulations: New suite of business and ethics simulations offered by Ethics-LX
  • Wiley Resource Kit
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  • Organized in 6 Parts: Management, Environment, Planning, Organizing, Leading, Controlling
  • Integrated Learning Model: Helps students develop managerial skills and competencies through:
    • Experience and Self-Assessment
    • Analysis and Application
    • Inquiry and Reflection
  • Four constructive balances of pedagogy:
    • balance of research insights with formative education
    • balance of management theory with management practice
    • balance of present understandings with future possibilities
    • balance of what "can" be done with what is, purely and simply, the "right" thing to do
  • Critical Thinking and Active Learning: Within the chapter are special features that not only introduce students to examples, current events, and applications of chapter material, but also engage them in critical thinking and active learning opportunities.
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Instructors Resources
Wiley Instructor Companion Site
Instructor Companion Website
Password protected website offers instructors a complete package of teaching resources
Instructor Resource Manual
Offers helpful teaching ideas, advice on course development, sample assignments, and chapter-by-chapter text highlights, learning objectives, lecture outlines, class exercises, lecture notes, answers to end-of-chapter material, and tips on using cases.
Test Bank
Consists of over 200 questions per chapter. Each chapter will have true/false, multiple choice, and short answer questions.
Provides lecture/interactive slides for each chapter to enhance students' overall experience in the management classroom.
Personal Response System
(PRS or "Clickers") designed to spark discussion/debate in the HR Management classroom
Video Teaching Notes
Computerized Test Bank
New Management Weekly Updates
Keep you and your students updated and informed on the very latest in business news stories. Each week you will find links to 5 new articles, video clips, business news stories, and so much more with discussion questions to elaborate on the stories in the classroom.
iPhone Applications for Management
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Students Resources
Wiley Student Companion Site
Student Companion Website
Free student website offering learning resources.
Interactive online version of the book’s self-assessments quiz students about themselves and teach them about topics like their own emotional intelligence, diversity awareness, and intuitive ability.
Student Portfolio Builder
A special guide to building a student portfolio complete with professional resume and competency documentations.
iPhone Applications for Management
Wiley Resource Kit
Instant access to textbooks as eTextbooks.
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